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Thread: Wanderlei wants to bet Anderson $50K that he'll beat Franklin!

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    Default Wanderlei wants to bet Anderson $50K that he'll beat Franklin!

    Fighters Only Magazine - The World's Greatest MMA Magazine - News - Wanderlei tells Anderson: "I bet $50,000 I will KO Franklin"

    Wanderlei Silva has told Anderson Silva to put his money where is mouth is ahead of his UFC 99 fight with Rich Franklin.

    The two Silvas have had a war of words outside the Octagon since Anderson stated his thoughts about Wanderlei dropping to the 185lbs category on Sensei SporTV, calling the move "pretentious". Since then both have created a tough environment and speculation about a match has grown as they fire verbally at one another.

    The latest episode of the series was the announcement of an Anderson Silva/Rich Franklin camp ahead of Franklin's fight with Wanderlei at UFC 99.

    The Axe Murderer today shot back: "If Anderson believes in Franklin so much, bet U$ 50,000 and let's see who takes the money".

    In preparation for the fight, Wanderlei has trained with great names of the sport such as Xande Ribeiro, Heath Herring, Demian Maia and recently Rafael Cordeiro, his old coach from the times of Chute Boxe, has joined the team.

    Together they lived the best moments of their career in Japan fighting for PRIDE. Cordeiro knows Silva over ten years and the confidence of the "Mad Dog" (as he is known in Brazil) seems to be back.

    "I go to knock him out. I have trained so much and Rich won't last two rounds. I think it is good Anderson has been preparing him. I hope he is also on the corner. I want to dare him to bet $50,000. I put these amount and Anderson or his sponsors, Ed Soares or Joinha, bet another part. Who wins takes the money," Wanderlei told Gazeta do Povo.

    He expects a victory over the former middleweight champion and after that he wants to prove to everybody he is the man to beat The Spider up.

    "Everyone wishes to fight the best ones and he is being pointed as the top of the world in all weights so I want this bout and the knockout."

    Silva has also invited again former rivals Ricardo Arona and Paulo Filho to train with him in US and revealed his desire of a revenge versus Chuck Liddell:

    "I would rather fighting him again but I don't know whether Chuck will be back soon. I think these talkings about retirement is not certain, he will only take a time. Let's see what is going to happen."

    Wanderlei Silva versus versus Rich Franklin is the main event of UFC 99 on June 13th at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany.

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    Train with who ever you want, talk all you want it doesnt matter, Not many will outwork Rich and look who hes been beaten by, Anderson, Lyoto and Dan.....Pretty tough list...Wanderlei should save his money and just be the old Wanderlei... All this talk is a bit much.....when he was reigning supreme he trained and did his talking in the ring.

    I really think this talk may be a result of him doubting himself a bit

    Save your money Wanderlei lol

    I have Rich by KO or Decision, Rich is too technical and he is crafty at avoiding damage
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    Rich is still one of the best fighters in the world. While he may not have huge KO power, he does have the abilility to send guys to sleep.

    I have Franklin by TKO in the 2nd.

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    That is a shit load of money aside from what they are going to make anyways. With that being said Rich is more technical than Wandy, but Wandy is a wild card and he can knock his opponent out without anyone seeing it coming. To count Wandy out of this fight would be ridiculous.

    I think Rich will win due to his technicality AND KO power, but I wouldn't be the least bit surpirsed if Wandy put him to sleep.

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    rich has only ever been beaten by 3 fighters, two who are excellent fighters and have the same technique and dan henderson who is the man and a double champion, wandy better keep his money, i think rich will beat him
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    Like I said in the other thread he needs to stop worrying about getting under Anderson's skin (That is what I think he is trying to do) and completely focus on Rich because he has the legitimate skills to take your F'n head off if you get sloppy (i.e Quarry, I know not Wand but still). Also training with Anderson can only add to his game not hinder it any.

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    I keep getting this feeling that Rich is going to win by KO (Kick to the head).
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    Franklin TKO rd2
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    i think this will give him more reason to win the fight..
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    Thanks for sharing this article...
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