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Thread: Kongo named Herring's replacement

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    Props to Kongo for stepping up and filling the slot when the company needed him, but a loss will set him back big time I'm afraid.

    Before this fight, I think he would have gotten another fight and then a title shot (that's with Shane Carwin getting the title shot with the winner of Lesnar/Mir).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Head Kick View Post
    Don't see how Kongo has anything to lose here either? Sure he is coming into contender status, but if he can't beat Cain then he doesn't have a remote chance against Brock/Mir.
    It's MMA, anything could happen. With the way Vera striking raped and pillaged Mir Kongo could definitely knock him out and Brock's chin is untested. Upsets happen all the time. Look at UFC 69.

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