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Thread: Overeem In Bar Fight, Hospitalizes 5 And Nearly Loses Hand

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonFrye View Post
    My money's on the Thumper side of the story.

    Why the hell would the attendant ask for money, then have it offered to her, then turn it down (assuming that's how she gets paid?), and then have the bouncers beat his ass for not paying. DOESN'T ADD UP, does it?
    The article stated that they offered to pay but by then bouncers surrounded them and had asked them to leave... I agree, there has to be something off in this story because it feels like too many details are left out.

    Basically it goes like this:

    AO is asked to pay for toilet usage
    Couldn't pay
    Asked if he could return with more money

    Brother asked whats up, by then bouncers surrounded them
    asked them to leave
    < > <--- (((BIG GAP IN INFORMATION)))
    brother gets hit on the head with flashlight while AO is outside
    AO steps in to save the day.

    k, don't think that's the entire truth.

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    man same thing happed to me two night a go but i took out six guys and a chick lol Lil jk

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    Quote Originally Posted by pa99ortiz View Post
    The MMA News

    Props to Alistair and Valentine for kicking some serious ass. Anyone who has been in a fight at a bar or club knows how big of an asshole the guards can be regardless if your defending yourself or not.
    this hole story sounds stretched and partially fabricated
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