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Thread: I'm an idiot

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    Quote Originally Posted by STruC1x View Post
    I looked at Rashad vs Machida = The same fighter from another mother...
    Yet I choose Machida mainly because he's fighting out of brazil...
    "what's that mean", people in USA drive, people in brazil ride their bike...
    Maybe they're raised more hardcore...???

    I kinda guess what you're sayin is true.....

    I always thought Machida was a good fighter.... I've watched him dissect David Heath about a thousand times, he's just so technical.
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    You can't fault someone for choosing someone thats not the favorite for a fight. It's MMA, upsets happen all the time. And who uses the word...'nooblar'? Go back playing your videogames buddy. Shiiit I bet people thought Couture's skills were going to beat Lesnar, or that Liddell was going to go through Evans but looked what happen. So don't act like you know every damn thing bout mma.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheKidInside View Post
    No offense, but I personally think that anyone who thought Lyoto would lose is truly an MMA n00blar.
    Yea, but thinking someone is guaranteed to win is pretty amateurish also. As is using the term "noob".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hondu Is Awesome View Post
    still dont like rashad, but i dont know how you can say he's overrated. 18-0 is a hard thing to do in mma. esp in the most stacked division in the UFC.
    I dont think you can say the LHW division is the most stacked anymore. The heavyweight division and Lightweight division seem to be better divisions now. Or does it just seem that way since Silva, Machida, and GSP seem to have very strong holds on their divisions destroying all competition, while Penn and Mir/Lesnar have people lined up waiting for their shot.

    I still think Silva owns the weakest division, or is it because no one can compare to him? I think Silva should stay at LHW after the Griffin fight, that would make 185 and 205 exciting divisions again. Watching Silva move up the LHW ladder towards a MEGAFIGHT with Machida, and then watching someone step up and own the 185 division besides Anderson would be something fresh.
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    Anderson verse Machinda would be a assume fight aleast the hype. I don't go for he's my friend I won't fight them bullcrap. If your a fighter then thats your job to fight

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