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Thread: Rumor: UFC 103 - Chuck Liddell’s last stand against Franklin in September?

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    I've never been a supporter of Chuck or Rich. Both guys are obviously talented, but I've just never been a fan.

    I have this feeling that Chuck is goin to KO Rich tho. Which would be oddly satisfying if only for the fact that I would enjoy seeing the flood of excuses that would come down the pipe from all the folks that have gone on and on about how Chuck's past his prime and needs to retire.

    Which on a side note, I've always believed was total horseshit. Just because he's had a string of bad luck, against quality opponents, doesn't mean he is any less dangerous or any less deserving of the chance to ply his trade.

    Fuck, I've never defended Chuck. What's wrong with me? Oh yeah, I'm not retarded. =P
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    If Chuck wants to fight let him fight, He has had a tough time of late that is clear to see but he was a great champ lok at the division now its crazy Chuck held the belt and defended it several times. look now rampage wins belt one defense looses. forrest wins one defense looses rashad same now Machida who will probally hold it for awhile has it. so at least when chuck was on top he stayed for more than one fight. He will always be a great fighter and a great champ and I believe if mark coleman and randy are still fighting with randys recor what it is I say let chuck fight untill he says he is done.

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    Very tough fight for Liddell. Even in his prime Franklin would have been a guy that would have given him trouble due to his polished striking and movement. Now that Liddell is far past his prime Franklin should be able to pick him apart. I would say Liddell's power could give him a chance... but how much power does he left? He hasn't KOed anyone since 2006. I think Franklin puts Liddell to sleep mid way through the 2nd round.
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    Default my opinion this is an awful matchup for Chuck. In the past he did well against fighter's primarily with a wrestling background. The fact that Rich is a pure striker and getting better with every fight is not good for ole Chucky.........please retire!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by roaddawg View Post
    With Chucks current status I dont see this fight as a benefit for Franklin. Anyone who beats Chuck these days the general opinion is, "Yea well nice fight but Chuck is old and on his way out... but still nice fight"

    If Franklin loses to a guy thats on his way out then it only hurts his career and the lhw division imo. Look at how Shoguns victory over Liddell was downplayed.

    not sure if i would consider shogun getting a title shot after beating lidell as being downplayed. i know rampage turned down the title fight first but still a title shot is a title shot

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    Maybe it was said earlier, but I don't see the benefit to this fight.

    If Chuck wins, he doesn't fight again because his contract is done (I think), and it seriously stalls Rich Franklin's future at 205.

    If Rich wins, then I think the focus is more on Chuck's freefall from glory and Franklin doesn't truly get the credit he deserves for the victory. Chuck may not be able to beat the top guys anymore (not here to debate the reasons), but a fight with him is far from a walk in the park, unless the park in your neighbourhood is filled with trees that like to punch you in the face.

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    for this gonna be my first ufc to attend, i will be really bummed out if this is the only main event. chucks done and rich is not the most exciting fighter at all to me. war chuck though if it goes down
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