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Thread: Gracie Admires Strategy, Style of UFC Champs

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    I think their is a difference between fighting smart and fighting too safe. Anderson has been fighting way to safe when he is more than able to finish fights.Machida style lately has been fighting smart. He elusive and when he sees an opening he takes it. Anderson needs to step it up.

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    anderson silva has been figured out. hes a ripoff version of machida. if you see his fights before he began training with machida he used to be the agressor. now hes just a counter puncher and waits for his odpponents to chase after him. and as you can see from his last 2 fights his opponents are no longer going to chase after him cause they know what will happen. but i dont think he wants to go back to being the aggresor. sure aside from his last 2 fights all of his fights in the ufc have been exciting, but that was when his opponents used to chase after him thats not going to happen anymore.

    but machida on the other is unpredictable. his opponents dont know if hes going move away,counterpunch,or be the aggresor. so anderson perfect strategy no machida yes.

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    Machida isn't boring to me, especially now that he has decided to show the world his attacking ability. When he fought Rashad, Rashad looked scared as hell and you could almost feel it everytime Machida moved forward, Rashad was going down hard.

    Anderson on the other hand seems to play around, at least in his last two fights. Thales was pathetic. When someone takes a step towards you and you instantly fall down before they even pick their hands up, your ass belongs on the fashion runway and not in a cage. I never want to see him again. *Unfortnately, I will*.
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    Yeah Definately lol
    Thales looked like complete shit IMHO.
    What a complete waste of a main event it was...
    Anderson could've adjusted the pace of the fight had he really wanted to... and Thales' standup was not good enough in the slightest bit to even worry about, hence the reason he played with Thales for most of the fight. However, Anderson needs to stop worrying about his flawless record in the UFC and start putting on exciting fights.

    Noone remembers a fighter for his record unless he continuously puts on exciting fights against top names... Anderson will begin to fade if he has many more appearances like the last, especially since his contract is almost up with the UFC.

    Hopefully he steps it up, because he really is an amazing fighter that is extremely gifted in all aspects of the game, and to become arrogant is alot less than respectable...

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    Quote Originally Posted by M3T4LH34D View Post

    Hopefully he steps it up, because he really is an amazing fighter that is extremely gifted in all aspects of the game, and to become arrogant is alot less than respectable...
    Yeah, I really had no problem with him playing it safe and not finishing the, but whether he intended it or not, it really did come across as arrogant and sort of lackadaisical (sp?). I think that is what bothered a lot of people more than the actual game plan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripitupog View Post
    anderson silva purposely didnt finish thales because he wanted to show his good conditoning. Everyone said that gsp's conditioning would have been the deciding factor if the two were evr to fight. Not anymore. Gsp may still be in better shape, but not light years ahead of anderson like he was thought to have been before.
    And Machida, I like his style and elusiveness, but i just dont like the guy. i cant explain it. but that has nothing to do with anything.
    Anyways what im trying to say is Silva will beat GSP when they fight.
    I disagree with that GSP went 5 rounds in a war with Fitch and was barely tired after. Silva stood around for 25 minutes, hell anyone on this website could stand above a guy when hes on the ground. GSP I think would beat Silva by dominating him on the ground controlling him and beating him until he doesnt want to continue. Plus GSP would have and advantage training with Patrick Cote.
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    yeah i was pissed at that fight, but the dude wants a legacy and he cnt get it against a thalies leites type know, scared as hell in the fight..he didnt come to fight so Silva was like your not even worth knocking out...i think he will be back against Griffin and we should see a good fight

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