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Thread: Murilo Bustamante: After Nogueira left BTT, his fights were terrible

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    Default Murilo Bustamante: After Nogueira left BTT, his fights were terrible

    Long time friend and trainer of former UFC interim heavyweight champ Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira, Murilo Bustamante is better suited than most to offer judgement on his former student, and he doesn’t think he’s been fighting like he should have been.

    Speaking to Extreme Fights, Bustamante speaks about Nogueira in a non to kind manner.

    “After he left BTT, his fights were terrible. When he was training with us, he easily beat Heath Herring in Pride - twice. Then, the third time they fought, he'd left the team and his fight was horrible. He got knocked out but the ref was nice to him, so it was a very close fight.”

    “I've never seen anyone fight like that, and I know Rodrigo has big potential. He could do much better than he did. If he doesn't change the way he trains, he is going to have problems with Randy for sure.”

    Nogueira comes up against one of the toughest challenges of his career soon when he takes on former UFC heavyweight champ and active “Hall of Famer” Randy Couture at UFC 102 in Portland, Oregon on August 29th.

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    Pretty sure it has less to do with him leaving Brazilian Top Team and more to do with the accumulated damage of his career starting to catch up. On top of that, its not like he trains with slouches at Black House.
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    I agree.That guy's been to BATTLE.Man.I hope he beats Randy and makes his way back to number one.I'm not sure why

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    Well of course the 3rd time you fight someone it wont be the same as the previous fights

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    i was gonna say the same thing DC. were all 3 wandy/rampage fights the same? was wandy's loss due to him leaving chute box? that makes no since. i think its impossible for two people to fight three times and each result be the exact same. if you lose twice to someone, you're bound to put up a better fight the third time, win or lose (unless you're ken shamrock). besides, aside from the head kick, i dont recall seeing anything in that fight that made me think heath was gonna edge it out tbh. at the end of the 3rd, i think the general consensus was unanimous decision for nog.

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    i love big nog.. a lot of us does... but seriously.. come on...
    he looked crappy against heath until he won.. he got knocked down 2 twice... big pussy tim was landing every shot on nog and winning the fight till he got caught... he was fucked up against mir...

    shit makes you think...
    the samething happened to Wand and Shogun after they left Chute Boxe... Shogun looking crappy his first 2 fights... against chuck we will never know since he KO'd Chuck...
    Wand is a more nicer fighter now and respectful... he was a beast and mean at Pride and look at his record there.. and now him as nice and respectful and having his own gym look at his ufc record... 1-3...

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