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Thread: Limp Bizkit at UFC 100 is cancelled

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    Default Limp Bizkit at UFC 100 is cancelled

    Limp Bizkit's UFC 100 weekend performance canceled, band blames contract issues
    by Staff on Jun 27, 2009 at 3:50 pm ET

    Rap-metal group Limp Bizkit's previously announced July 10 performance at Mandalay Bay Casino & Resort has been canceled. was the first to announce the cancellation of the event, which was set to coincide with a weekend of events at the Las Vegas resort centered around the historic UFC 100.

    The band has since posted on its official website that it was not at fault for the change in plans, while also promising to perform at another Las Vegas venue, the details of which will be announced shortly.

    Limp Bizkit's statement cited concerns over DVD rights and choice of venue as the main reasons for the cancellation.

    The original, unedited post from Limp Bizkit's official website is posted below:

    Facts- Limp Bizkit did NOT, in any way, cancel the UFC100 concert in Las Vegas. Truth is UFC and Interscope records could not come to an agreement on certain DVD rights. With all respect to Mandalay Bay, The UFC were also unhappy with LB's decision of wanting to switch the performance from the Beach at Mandalay Bay with its inappropriate layout for a heavy rock concert with Limp Bizkit, basically a stage in front of a pool, to a more standard concert venue also located at the mandalay Bay which was the House Of Blues. The UFC expressed they wanted a "party vibe" for this event and would not settle for any venue besides the Beach for this and other reasons. First, LB would like to confirm we are HUGE UFC fans and will always be, but feel it is unfair for UFC to falsely confirm and advertise that Limp Bizkit will be performing to only change their minds after many people have rearranged their lives and bought tickets to be in Vegas for this special concert. On that note we are proud to announce that we will still be performing on the same night out of respect for our fans. The details of when and where will follow shortly after this post. Again, all respect to UFC for inviting us in the first place. We will continue to support the UFC because it is our favorite MMA event. Stay tuned.

    Limp Bizkit

    Despite the loss of the Limp Bizkit concert, the UFC still has a number of activities planned around the UFC 100 weekend, including the first-ever UFC Fan Expo.

    Limp Bizkit is currently touring in Europe, and the July 10 event was the lone U.S. date that had been announced as part of the band's "Unicorns N' Rainbows" tour. Ticket holders for the canceled event should contact to seek a refund.

    For complete coverage of UFC 100, stay tuned to the UFC Rumors section of (UFC blog for UFC news, UFC rumors, fighter interviews and event previews/recaps |

    I consider this a message that this ill-planned decision to have them there should never have been made in the first place. I'm thrilled not to have Limp Bizkit associated with the UFC.
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    People can bash the band as much as they want but this is a clear sign of Zuffa trying to control everything hence the DVD rights.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Diegonightmare View Post

    I consider this a message that this ill-planned decision to have them there should never have been made in the first place. I'm thrilled not to have Limp Bizkit associated with the UFC.
    Completely agree, Limp Bizkit and UFC do not mix

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishy View Post
    Completely agree, Limp Bizkit and UFC do not mix
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    I am glad that those no-talent, thieving, assclown douchebags will NOT be associated with the UFC.

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    I wonder who they will replaced with? I mean I wasn't overly excited when they anounced it but, it would be weird to go from having a concert to no concert. I'd say they would have a back up plan.

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    Very good news,

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    There is NOTHING metal about Limp Bizkit.Ask me how I know?

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    I call bullshit on you all. I listened to LB, you listened to LB, everyone did, they were huge,and you might not like to admit it,but chances are you owned an album,and at the very least knew the words. While I dont feel a live concert mixed into UFC 100 is the greatest thing ive heard, its not horrible. Even WWE has a band at Wreslte Mania. And EXC had Busta,lol.
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    Someone needs to cheer for those poor souls.

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