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    MMANEWS.COM | Announces New Partnership With Muscle Geeks

    Musle Geeks: Cheap prices on No-Xlpode, Muscle Milk, Syntha-6, and Superpump 250 is proud to announce a new partnership with Muscle Geeks, a new online retailer that’s turning the supplement industry upside down. Whatever preconceived notions you had about supplement retailers before, forget them. A new retailer is making a lot of noise in the $22 billion industry, and its first target market: the MMA community.

    Muscle Geeks, a supplement retailer ran by a couple of average Joe’s from the Midwest, is doing almost everything backwards when it comes to the supplement business. Not only that, but they’re defying the odds and succeeding. High mark-ups? Forget about it. $1.99 over cost on every product 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Shady, biased advice? Hell no. No bull advice from their team of medical professionals, personal trainers, and MMA fighters. Huge profits? Nope. Every cent is put back into the Muscle Geeks’ community so they can continue to grow. CEOs, CFOs, and owners? Not exactly. More like leaders. We really don’t even know if they fit the true definition of a business. Truthfully, they closer resemble a buying group.

    Dr. T.J. Allan, Pharm.D, the founding father of Muscle Geeks, admitted, “We’re really not like any business model out there. We’re actually a mixture of several types of business models: Costco’s membership fees and commitment to low prices, Zappos’ exceptional customer service, and Dana White’s brash, no-bull leadership. In fact, we really consider ourselves a community as opposed to a business. We learn just as much from our members as they do from us. It works out great.”

    When asked what separates Muscle Geeks from the other supplement retailers, he quickly points out there’s more differences than similarities. “We’re not in it for the money. As funny as that sounds, it’s true. When every other retailer wants to make between 20-30% on every product sold, we’ve marked every product up $1.99 over our cost. Even as we grow and our volume increases which in turn will result in bigger and bigger discounts from the supplement manufacturers, our prices will continue to be $1.99 over our cost. Our savings are passed directly to our members. Eventually, as we grow, our prices will be ridiculously low. In fact, our goal is to sell BSN’s NO-Xlpode for $26.00 and get our markup down to $0.99 over our cost. And if a member questions our cost, we’ll gladly show them our invoice. We firmly believe honesty and transparency should be top priorities for any business. So maybe you’re right. We probably are more similar to a buying group than an actual business.”

    “Price isn’t our only difference. We’re most proud of our commitment to the truth. There’s so much BS regarding supplements that the typical consumer is drowned by it. They don’t know what to believe. Our first article on our blog was dedicated to uncovering the lies surrounding nitric oxide products. Show me another supplement retailer that’s willing to bash its own best seller and in turn hurt its sales. Was it a dumb business move? Probably, but I’d do it again because our members loved it. They deserve to know the truth. Our second blog article was devoted to cutting supplement costs. Will that hurt our annual sales? More than likely because now we won’t be selling those $40-50 products that promise everything and deliver nothing. But it really doesn’t make a difference because we only make $1.99 on every product. So to us, a $40 sale is equivalent to a $10 sale. Do we still carry those $40 products? Of course, we carry almost every product known to man. Some people you just can’t convince they’re wasting their money.”

    So why focus on MMA? “Well, for one, we’re huge fans. Our lead sales Geek formerly worked at Matt Hughes’ HIT Squad gym. I’ve written for Fight ! magazine on several occasions, and will be writing for them a lot more in the future. I’ve also been watching the UFC since the old tournament days. So why not target a market we’re already comfortable with. Secondly, and this is purely from a business standpoint, fighters depend on their bodies. Like every other professional athlete out there, some may actually argue even more so, nutrition and supplementation are of paramount importance to a MMA fighter’s success. On top of that, especially among young MMA fighters, there’s not a lot of room to waste money. Pete, our lead sales Geek, has seen it firsthand. During the beginning, a fighter’s lifestyle is not so glamorous. Training two to three times a day, living in a dorm, and paying normal every day bills put a lot of financial and emotional strain on a young guy. So why add an overpriced supplement that may or may not work? I don’t think there’s a better target market out there for us.”

    So, if our members need to know just one thing about Muscle Geeks, what would it be? “It’s really simple. We’re pooling our buying power together so we can drive down supplement prices. Every product we sell is always only $1.99 over our cost. Right now, overall, we’re the cheapest supplement retailer on the planet. There are some cases where a supplement may be cheaper here or there, and if that’s the case, great. We’ll buy it from that competitor and ship it to you. However, overall, no one is close to our prices. And a year from now, when we’re at 10,000 members, we’ll be selling NO-Xlpode for $26, a 5 lb container of Syntha6 for $30, and a 5 lb container of Muscle Milk for $39. No one and I repeat no one will be able to compete with us. We promise we will relentlessly pursue the lowest possible prices possible. And all of our savings will be passed directly to our members. We’re already constantly negotiating with manufacturers. The more members we have behind us, the more power we’ll have. For $4 per month, you can’t beat it. And if you can, we’ll refund your money at the end of the year. That’s our Muscle Geek Guarantee. If you’re already buying supplements from another retailer, why not combine our buying power and get ridiculously low prices and save a ton of money?”

    For more information on Muscle Geeks, please see our Nutrition and Training Forum, as well as their website Musle Geeks: Cheap prices on No-Xlpode, Muscle Milk, Syntha-6, and Superpump 250.
    4-3-1 in Sig Bets.

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    Before I make any posts, I just wanted to thank everyone for allowing Muscle Geeks and I to be a part of
    Join the club. Our price is your price!

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    The Muscle Geeks have arrived…

    I am so glad that we have the opportunity to partner with UFC 100 Results, UFC 100 Live Blog, UFC News, UFC Results, UFC Forum - MMANEWS.COM. As huge MMA fans, all of us at Muscle Geeks feel this is a great partnership for us. In fact, it’s exactly what we were looking for. Hopefully, over the next 12 months, it will blossom (that’s probably the first time that word has ever been used on this board) into a great friendship.

    Before I say anything else, I just want to make it perfectly clear we are NOT here to sell you supplements. We’re not going to be “That advertiser.” You know, the one that cleverly adds marketing hidden messages into every post and/or the one that shoves products down your throat at any chance they get. That’s not us. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why we started Muscle Geeks. We are the opposite of any supplement company you’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. We are unique, and we’re proud of that.

    Why are we here
    Primarily because we want to learn as much from you, as you do from us. We have a great staff at Muscle Geeks. We have a pharmacist that specializes in dietary supplements and their effects on mental and physical performance (he writes for Fight! Magazine), several strength and conditioning coaches and personal trainers, and we even have some fighters as well as several good business brains. However, even with a great staff, we don’t know everything. That’s why we need you. There’s going to be marketing ideas that slip by us, problems with our website that we haven’t experienced, and even training and supplement questions that we can’t answer. But, we firmly believe in the wisdom of crowds. In fact, Muscle Geeks’ success thus far has largely been due to that concept. Our members are just as important as our staff. We depend on you, as you depend on us. This is not a one-way business. That’s why we say our members never buy a membership, they actually invest in a membership.

    So Why Muscle Geeks
    It’s simple. With the economy the way it is, we’re got tired of paying high prices for supplements. That 20-30% markup on supplements was killing us. So, we decided why not start a membership club where we all pool our buying power together, and we all get the discounts that come with big volume purchases. (The actual in-depth story is listed on our website). We did some math, talked to several different accountants as well as people who have been in the business for years, and figured out that if we just mark up every supplement $1.99 over our cost no matter how big our discount is, and charge a $4 per month membership fee, we can make it work. We may not get those $200k CEO salaries and be able to retire when we’re 40, but we’ll get our supplements a lot cheaper. So to make a long story short, if we had to have a mission statement, it would be “The relentless pursuit of the lowest possible price on every supplement known to man.” And how do we accomplish this? We combine our purchases and pass along every discount we get to our members. We keep our mark up at $1.99 always (And if a member questions it, they have complete access to our purchase records). And as our volume grows, we fight to get bigger and bigger discounts from the manufacturers.

    So what are we doing on this message board
    Well, our main goal is exposure. We’re trying to create word-of-mouth marketing campaign. What better way to do it than on message boards that ooze with dialogue.
    We’re also here to help. We have an expert staff at Muscle Geeks. Not only are they experts, but they’re also straight shooters. They focus on the science, not the marketing. Unfortunately, the supplement industry is tainted with BS. Most supplements retailers hire doctors, professional trainers, fighters, and anyone else that has clout to “ensure” their supplements are superior and clinically effective. The average consumer has to wade through neck deep BS to find the quality supplements, and that’s after they’ve already spent several hundred dollars. Not at Muscle Geeks though.

    Our first blog article was dispelling the myths surrounding NO supplements. Our second blog article gave our members 5 easy steps to cut their supplement bill in half without sacrificing results. Our next article is going to look at the different creatine products available, and find the one that’s most cost-effective. We are determined to clean up the supplement industry.

    So, what exactly are we going to be doing on the boards? Mainly answering questions, getting feedback on supplements, and helping members reach their goals. We also want to create dialogue. We want to get feedback on our site, our store, our articles, and our marketing ideas. We want constructive criticism, praise, or anything else you have for us. We’re also going to run a giveaway for each UFC PPV (a pick’em contest). They’ll be over $100 worth of supplements given out, as well as Muscle Geeks gear, and some other misc things. You don’t even have to be a Muscle Geek member to win it.
    Mainly, we here to help. If you have a question, we’ll have an answer.

    So what do we want from you
    Well, if you’re buying your supplements from somewhere else, we’d really like you to join Muscle Geeks. We know, from an overall standpoint, we’re the lowest supplement retailer on the internet, So, what really do you have to lose? $4 per month? You waste more than that on an energy drink. On top of that, we guarantee you’ll save at least twice that much per month. The more members we have, the bigger discounts we get, and the lower prices we’ll have. That’s why we need you now. Think about this. recently shipped its 4 millionth order. We just shipped our 200 or 300th order (I can’t remember for sure, but I know it’s less than 500 orders). That means for every order we send out, they send out over 1300 more orders. Now look at their prices. Look at our prices. How on earth are our prices lower than theirs? We shouldn’t even be within $5-10 on any supplement, yet we’re cheaper on almost every one. Think about if our roles were reversed. Imagine our prices if we just shipped out our 4 millionth order? Our prices would be ridiculously low. How low? I have no idea because won’t tell me their discounts. But I know they’ll be a lot lower than our prices now because volume dictates prices. The more volume, the cheaper the prices. How does NO-Xlpode for $26 sound?

    We’d also like you spread the word about Muscle Geeks as much as possible. We have a facebook page, a myspace page, and a twitter account (they’re all located on our website). Add us please. Send our page to all of your friends. We send 10 business cards with every order. Give them out at the gym. We have flyers on our website that can be printed off. Post them as many places as you can think of. We need to get the word out there, and we need your help. The more people who hear about us, the more potential members. Eventually, we will be the largest supplement retailer in the US. Why am I so confident? Because it doesn’t make sense not to join. Those other companies offer their consumers nothing except a hefty markup. We offer our members everything with a small markup!

    With all that being said, we honestly look forward to being a part of this board. Thanks

    P.S. For the first 1000 members, the monthly fee will be $4 per month, and shipping will be a flat rate of $8. After the first 1000 members, the monthly fee will be $8, and shipping will be charged according to size and distance.
    And to those that hate the look of our store. We know. It’s ugly. There’s not much information there. However, we guarantee it works, and it’s 100% safe. You will get everything you order. Guaranteed! Mindbody software runs our ecommerce site. They’re one of the largest fitness software companies in the world. Trust us you’re in good hands.
    Eventually, we’ll have a great ecommerce site. In fact, none of the owners are getting paid until we do. Every cent of our profits is being put back into Muscle Geeks for the next 3 years. Here’s a better picture of the future Muscle Geek News : Muscle Geek News
    Join the club. Our price is your price!

    Mixing pharmacists, trainers, and fighters.

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    Can you tell me what is leaking out of the guy on the left's shoulder?


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    If I had to guess, synthol.. It's basically just oil injected into the muscle. Bodybuilders typically use it to rapidly increase the size of a particular muscle.
    Join the club. Our price is your price!

    Mixing pharmacists, trainers, and fighters.

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    Thanks for the response.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MuscleGeeks View Post
    If I had to guess, synthol.. It's basically just oil injected into the muscle. Bodybuilders typically use it to rapidly increase the size of a particular muscle.
    That's what I thought also. Him and Mr. Greg Valentino may want to have a talk......
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    I thought it was butter.

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