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Thread: Setting the record straight - Drinking urine does NOTHING medically to help you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badluck_33 View Post
    urine goes either in the toilet or on your girlfriend.


    Btw, this might be one of the best posts of all time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Subfightr View Post

    Regarding the CLAIMS that drinking your own piss helps the champ, what does it hurt?

    It bothers me when people say things like this. This is exactly why we sell crap loads of homeopathic "medicine" and other placebo products like Airbourne! Does it have any side effect? perhaps not, aside from the fact that a person just wasted his or her time and hard earned money, not to mention the fact that it promotes an untruth.

    Machida does not improve as a result of drinking his own piss, he improves IN SPITE of drinking his own piss. Atleast his piss does not actually cost him money.

    Many people say things like "I have heard it is good for your teeth, penis, sex life, etc" The key word is HEARD! Or "people SAY" etc. Sometimes there are statements like "studies show" bla bla, but consider the source, most often the studies are flawed, not double blind, and biased. The fact that that the company chooses places that are not independent or they may even be conducted by the makers themselves, with no more than 1 or 2 people. Look: Jane has a cold, Jane eats M and M's Jane gets over her cold, she feels she got over her cold faster than "normal" as a result M and M's have a 100's success rate in cold combat. TADA! Then they can make the claim "studies show this works!" It is pretend science, it is bullshit, it should be illegal.

    Same goes for most if not all the claims for acupuncture, many of the claims from chiropractors, and all claims from faith healers, water dowsers, psychic healers etc. Many ailments go away on their own, if you see one of these charlatans in the meantime, when the illness goes away the charlatan gets/takes the credit!

    There are double blind studies on many of these alternative ... things... and they fail every time. But we don't promote that news do we? nope.

    Thank you poster for actually investigating for yourself and remaining skeptical.
    Pretend science should not be illegal. If someone is dumb enough to drink piss over a fresh source of nutrients,he deserves it! Stupid people should have the freedom to do whatever they want and hurt themselves. It's called natural selection

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