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Thread: Glutamine and Glucosamine Sulfate question

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    Default Glutamine and Glucosamine Sulfate question

    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering if I could get some help/advice with these two products.

    1) How important is it to take Glutamine supplement powder after a gym workout?

    2) I dislocated my shoulder just over a year ago and I delayed healing it properly to being 100% for 9 months due to personal reasons. For the first 3 months after the injury i just healed it enough to move my arm and use it without doing anything physical or awkward. Right now after doing physio at a centre and strength training on my own, I would say that i'm almost at 100% with a bit of pain when doing certain exercises or doing certain physical activities. With all that being said, I was wondering if Glucosamine Sulfate would be useful for me to start taking now after being this far into my recovery?

    Thanks everyone!

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    Yo man i dislocated my shoulder not too long ago too. I really didnt want to but i went to the doctors and he told me i need surgery to fix it, cause i tore the capsule the arm rests in. Its been 4 months since surgery and I'm probably at 90% and I have been taking Glucosamine 1500 mg and it helps a little... Glucosamine probably won't get you 100% the main thing is to just give it time and working at your p.t. However it can strengthen the cartilage at the joints a little. You can go pick some up at any drug store, and most big food store chains. I would say get a small bottle with a higher strength 1,000+ and see how it works (give it two weeks)

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