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Thread: Fantasy Pro Wrestling Shoot Fights....

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    Default Fantasy Pro Wrestling Shoot Fights....

    Pro Wrestling may be "predetermined", but there are some seriously tough professional wrestlers who can legitimately go.

    My personal belief is that had MMA come along 20 years ago in North America, alot of the toughest wrestlers would've chosen mixed martial arts to make their living, for the combination of athleticism and legitimate badassedness would be perfect for the MMA world.

    I thought I'd start a fantasy thread about all of the "DREAM FIGHTS" involving Pro Wrestlers vs. Pro Wrestlers in a real life MMA bout or maybe (or more of a straight SHOOT) and determine who would really be the toughest, who we'll consider are all in their prime.

    I've basically booked the guys I consider the most legit at the top and scaled down, but I think any of these wrestlers could've been very promising in MMA.

    Kurt Angle vs. "Dr. Death" Steve Williams
    Undertaker vs. Brusier Brody
    Meng vs. Paul Orndorff
    Ron Simmons vs. Scott Norton
    Bill Watts vs. Harley Race
    Stan Hansen vs. Bad News Brown
    Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Fit Finlay
    Dave Schults vs. Ken Patera
    Jim Duggan vs. Big Bossman
    Butch Reed vs. Barbarian
    Ahmed Johnson vs. Rick Steiner
    Karl Gotch vs. Billy Robinson

    and for a "Legendary" bout:
    Frank Gotch vs. Lou Thesz

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    John Cena vs Batista (I want to see them destroy eachother)
    Undertaker vs HHH (I want to see HHH get destroyed in a bad way)
    Big Show vs Khali
    Yokozuna vs Rey Mysterio
    Hornswaggle vs Umaga
    Santino marella vs Vladimir Kozlov (in real life they are both sambo and kick boxing champions)
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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    ad santel vs. anyone

    if you watch some of the angle/benoit matches from the early 2000s, they're insanely technical and realistic. both of them could have been bruisers in mma or grappling.
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