Poll: matt serra vs bj penn

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Thread: matt serra vs BJ penn @ LW

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    yeah, this fight already happened, and bj kicked his ass. that was back when he didn't train too.

    penn is just better everywhere. on the feet there's no comparison, and serra's best weapon, his groundgame, albeit good and pretty aggressive, is nowhere near penn's. it's funny that penn has become almost an exclusively standup fighter as of late, because he was the world bjj mundial champion after only three years of training, and that's why he debuted his mma career in the UFC.
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    Repenter, I think that guy in your sig under the hat IS BJ Penn haha
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    I love to see the fight and big mouth Serra get tooled

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    Serra seems like his mind isn't into challenging for titles. He needs some wins against some guys like Sherk and Guida before even facing BJ.
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    Both guys are good ground guy, but BJ is too good. He either win by KO or unanimous decision.

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