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Thread: GSP vs. Paul Daley

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fedorlei Gomipierre View Post
    He's got amazingly heavy hands, but he's not anywhere NEAR a complete enough fighter to challenge GSP. Neither is Fitch, Alves or Kos.
    Fitch, Alves and Koscheck went the distance with Georges. That makes them a challenge. Koscheck actually won the first round.

    Quote Originally Posted by neonatural45 View Post
    Dustin Hazelett is an average fighter that Rogan happens to love, GSP is a top 3 p4p fighter.
    I do think it's hilarious that when Shields tapped out Daley in EXC, the intellectually challenged mooks on this board dismissed Semtex as a bum who couldn't make it in the UFC...then Paul pulls of a couple upsets and his credibility goes through the roof. Yay bandwagon!


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    I don't give daley a snow balls chance in hell against gsp but that is the same for pretty much the entire 170 division. GSPs stand up may not be top tier but its def good enoughn to avoid daleys bombs then take him to the mat and sub him gsp's take downs and top game is the best at 170 or any weight class for that matter.

    With that said i would love to see a gsp daley fight it would be the one of the few fights that i will be pulling for GSP in (gsp vs hughes is the only other ones). I don't like daley at all the way he taunts a downed or ko'd opponent
    Fav Fighters: Penn, Wand, Fedor, Genki, Shields, Rashad, Pulver, Diaz bros, Melendez.

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