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I'd say Palin is smarter than most of the posters here. She's no dummy, regardless of what the liberal MSM tells you to think.
It's statements like this that make me loose hope in humanity. The woman is a raving idiot. She though Africa was a country for Christ sakes. Hardly qualified for high office. Even dumber is thinking that the main stream corporate owned media is "liberal." Every time I hear that I want to bang my head on a wall. Worse is to think calling someone a liberal is an insult. To be a liberal means to be in favour of legislation favouring greater democracy. That is the definition. So if you don't like "liberals", then I guess you don't like democracy. Stop getting your talking points from Bill O'Reilly. Next you're going to tell us George W Bush, was a leading intellectual. In fact he believed Africa was a country too. Great minds think alike.