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Taylor-Wright Presser!
June 18, 2006
By Scotti Vandevender

Winky Wright was a no-show at the postfight press conference Saturday night. Representing Wright was his promoter Gary Shaw, who vociferously announced that his fighter deserved to have won. He made no apologies for his fighter having stormed from the ring following the announcement of the final scorecards, but relayed Winky's statement that he believed he had given Jermain Taylor a boxing lesson. Shaw announced that Wright claimed to have blocked Jermain's punches with his elbows and forearms but that he was a strong puncher. Shaw even went as far as informing the crowd they had witnessed "Christmas in June."

He relied on Compubox numbers to make his case that Wright deserved the victory. While power shots were equal Wright landed over twice as many jabs and connected at a higher percentage. Shaw stated he would not return to Memphis to promote another fight, although the judges in th bout were all from out of state.

In regard to Wright's future, he stated he was taking one fight at a time with Wright but that there were other fights on the horizon, offering little on any direction where Wright may wish to head when questioned about future fights.

Upon Shaw's departure, Lou DiBella doted on his fighter and expressed his disappointment with the Wright camp's lack of respect for a very close decision (Fightnews scored the bout 114-114 as did HBO's Harold Lederman). "Winky has gotten robbed before. He has fought overseas and been robbed. Tonight he wasn't robbed," announced DiBella.

Jermain Taylor then grabbed the microphone, "I had a great time tonight," he exclaimed. "He hit me but I always came back with something. He came forward but not with any power. After he got through doing his thing I came back. He's got a great jab. He throws punches in bunches, but if you want to be the champ you have to fight 12 rounds. I thought the fight could have gone either way," Taylor announced honestly.

Emanuel Steward then praised his new fighter's toughness and ability to dig deep. "Jermain did so many things wrong tonight and still kept his championship. When Winky came on, Jermain came back strong and moved Winky with his punches. Every time it looked like he might lose it, he bit down and got it done," Steward remarked.

When questioned about the future should he continue to train Taylor, Steward said he was ready to move ahead. "Winky is a great fighter, but tonight he got hit a lot. I'm ready to move on to other middleweights. If I were in either corner I would have accepted the fight to have gone either way. It was a close fight. But, after seeing Winky's attitude tonight (after the fight), I'd rather move on. Jermain was in unbelievable shape. We tried not to change too much. We sparred and worked on conditioning. Because of that, he was able to fight when he was exhausted," stated Steward.

Jermain Taylor finished by giving his opinion that Winky could have won the fight if he fought hard the last couple of rounds instead of running around in the final round and moving constantly. "If you want the championship, you have to come get it," Taylor explained.

And, there in the young champion's final comments lies what this writer believes is exactly what cost Winky Wright the chance to become the middleweight champion. He fought a good fight but he did not finish aggressively enough to take the belts away from the champion. He did, once again, show his masterful defensive prowess. However, he did not take the fight to the champion in a manner that clearly defines the scoring and thus walked away empty-handed.