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Thread: Girls at ringside

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    here's what i have to say.

    I was at UFC 59 (Arlovski vs Sylvia II)

    we had great seats, i got to see Liddell, and Couture that night and bunch of other celebs who i dont care about.

    anyway, the girls (strippers?) were sitting really close to us...and WOW the things they were doing would blow your minds up. one of them was sitting on the other one and for some reason their hands were just everywhere. the security gaurd told them to stop, so these girls just decided to leave for now and come back later...they came back all excited and kinda sweaty.

    and then there were these other two, they didn't do much, but the clothes they had completley naked.

    great night

    oh and as for the fights, they were ok. Parisyans fight was great against Thompson, and i was dissapointed with the Arlovski result.

    UFC 59 EVENT: i give it a 3 out of 5

    the girls sitting near us: 4/5 a bit trashy though

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    Quote Originally Posted by thelegendrvb
    I do not mind the hot chicks. However, I do mind seeing Paris Hilton at the UFC PPV's. I just hate that slut for some reason.

    that chaps my ass too...

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