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Thread: Future Champs of the next genaration?

  1. Default Future Champs of the next genaration?

    So we know of the Hughes, Gsp, Randy, BJs, Wandy in the pride and who is next?

    I will start:

    if he can not get the fight down facing the giants (Carwin, Mir and Brock) he gets KOed IMO

    KO power is not a question he has it, BJJ works with Nog a bright future and a future champ in 2011 IMO

    A young kid, great potential

    Goes where he wants, controls fights with wrestling, but not tested yet IMO, But proven KO power and one hell of a wrestler

    Gerad Mossaui
    Step up to the big dogs and take on Hendo and beat him. You need more "named" wins IMO

    Beats Vera he is in the talk


    has the KO Power to KO anyone

    Just to touch a few, so what do you think guys?

    EDIT sorry about the typo in the title
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    Good calls on all of the above, for me Gegard Mousasi is the most exiciting prospect - would like to see him get a good run in Strikeforce and then move over to the UFC for the big test
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    hw i agree with all your choices

    lhw bones - see my rant in another post

    mw - maia or someone we havent heard of yet

    ww dan hardy maybe.....i still think dans title fight is about 2 maybe 3 years too early. put this fight off and it could of been a super fight one day. if he can bounce back from his loss (yes im predicting he loses) then he still has a chance. so does daley.

    lw - no one....what???? yall didnt know that bj penn is sooooooooooooo good he put the beat down on aging and father time and there for no longer ages (yes i have my membership card for the bj penn nut hugging fan club)

    seriously though i kinda see mike brown moving up to 155 or maybe kenflo taking over once bj steps down, other wise it will be someone who is relatively unknown at this time

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    HW - I honestly think Mir will be the champ for awhile, but as for 2 or 3 years from now, of course you have to go with the top 3 right now: Cain, JDS, or Carwin

    I'd like to see Pat Barry get in the top contenders mix, I've always loved that guy

    aaand..what about Big Country?

    LHW - Toss up between Machida, Shogun, Bones Jones, and Mousasi

    MW - Hard to tell with the middleweights and welterweights in a couple years, but I'm gonna have to say Mousasi, Nate The Great, or Maia (All this being that Mousasi signs with UFC, and Anderson, Wandy and Vitor retire in the next 2 maybe 3 years)

    WW - GSP still.. I believe he still has 4 or more title defenses.. but say something happens... Paulo Thiago?

    LW - Gray Maynard will be the next sean sherk...
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    Quote Originally Posted by TBEAR View Post
    So we know of the Hughes, Gsp, Randy, BJs, Wandy in the pride and who is next?
    Good topic.

    HW: Hugely impressed with Cain. Obviously we'll know how "for real" Carwin is in a week or so.

    LHW: Mousassi, but I think Lyoto going to be in the mix for a LONG time to come

    MW: Maia. I think as his stand-up improves, he'll be an incredible fighter.

    WW: GSP is still young enough to hold this division by its throat until he decides to change weights or retire

    LW: probably the toughest one. Hasn't really been exciting up-and-comers IMO. Kenflo should be in the mix for a while. Maynard, maybe, but again, noone really excites me.

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    ... JDS imo will have a Chuck like run through the HW division. I do want to see his ground game,but you can't blame him because he has not had to use it.

    ....LHW- Mousasi....but he says he only wants to fight till he is 30.

    ....MW- Jacare- Probably the sickest BJJ in his division and yes better BJJ than Maia imo. He sub'ed Marcelo Garcia FFS. His standup is improving leaps and bounds since he started training with Anderson. I would say Nate and Maia are up there. Nate is the more well rounded fighter,but Jacare is getting close.

    ....WW- depends on how much longer GSP wants to fight. So I am gonna pick an up and comer. Ben Saunders.

    ....LW- Eddie Alverez,Melendez and JZ.

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    LW: Gray Maynard
    WW: Jake Shields
    MW: Chael Sonnen
    LHW: Ryan Bader
    HW: Tim Sylvia

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    ...^^^..I'm assuming your joking about Tim ?...or the whole list ?

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    HW: Dos Santos
    LHW: Mousassi Bones Jones
    MW: Think there's a slim chance Sonnen could do something
    LW: Not sure, especially as far as the UFC goes with Penn holding

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    by the way fights are going right now. I'm have to say:
    Dos Santos
    Frankie Edgar
    this is my list of future champs to come. maybe cain, paulo thiago, jacare and maia.

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