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    Default Frequently Asked Questions/Recommended Reading Materials

    Note: This is currently under construction. I will be adding things as I have time

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What should my diet look like?
    A: Read this. Donít worry about smaller details until youíve got this much handled:

    Q: I want to lose weight, what foods should I choose?
    A: Read these:

    Q: I want to gain muscle without fat, what should I do?

    Q: I want to lose fat and gain muscle, how can I do this?
    A: It is horribly inefficient to try and do both at the same time. To lose weight you need a calorie deficit and to gain muscle you need a caloric excess. You canít have both of those at the same time, so work on losing the body fat and then move to gaining lean muscle.

    Q: I live in a dorm and canít cook my meals. What should I do?
    A: Read this:

    Q: What should I do Post Workout and why is it so important?
    A: Read this:

    Q: I am just getting started what supplements should I take?
    A: Unless you are a professional/amatuer athlete, there is no need for many of the products out there. Supplements will only give you about a 10% improvement, so look at your diet and training before dropping $100 on an unproven supplement. These however are the basics for anybody:
    - A Multivitamin or Greens Drink: take as directed (generally once a day)

    - Microfiltered Enteric Encoated Fish Oil: Take 3-9 grams per day (6 is typical)

    - Creatine Monohydrate or Ethyl Ester: Take 5 grams per day (3 grams for CEE). Loading is not neccisary but will speed things up

    - A Post Workout Drink (See links below for more info)

    - A Casein containing protein (Milk Protein Isolate, a blend, etc): Use this when taking protein other than PWO. Also take before bed.

    - ZMA - Although this is not neccisary, many people are defient in Zinc and Magnesium even when eating a proper diet.
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