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Thread: Fight gear review thread

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    Default Fight gear review thread

    When I buy new training gear, I rely on reviews from training partners or online reviews. It would be nice if we had a sticky thread here where we can post reviews of the new gear we buy. Anything from fight shorts to gloves, and even apparrel.

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    I'll start this off. I recently bought a pair of Hayabusa Mizuchi fight shorts. They are super lightweight. Nice high leg slit for good mobility. Really well designed with features you dont see on most fight shorts, like the grippy strips on the inside of the waistband, anti microbial material, and the drawstring system is really good.

    I also bought that new Jaco groin protector/compression short. It was pretty awesome. Forgot I even had a cup on. This one differs from the shock doctor in that the cup has velcro straps that run through the short and allow you to tighten it up for a custom fit. Also there is one available with removable thigh padding for training. (I got the on w/out pads).

    I highly recommend both of these products.

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