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Thread: Doesn't look like Cop will be fightng anytime soon in the UFC

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrube
    Y'all seem to be forgetting that Fedor only has on more fight on his DSE (Pride) contract and thats against Hunt, for all we know, we could see Fedor and Mirko fighting in the UFC next year. With all the UFC revenue coming in (endorsements, TV deals, reality series, PPV, etc...) the UFC can surely afford 5 or 6 top name fighters in the cage. Alex Emelienenko has already showed interest in fighting for the UFC as well.
    That is a possibility, its hard to say who's gonna fight where with DSE on the bubble

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    People seem to be forgetting that CroCop did not want to fight Fedor just yet. After the surgery from the wand fight he said he wanted a tune-up fight first and time to heal. So basically CroCop screwed himself but i'm sure he didnt think Fedor was going to go fight for Bodog in March.

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    Well he said "I hope that this will be my last fight before a title fight next year, hopefully in February".

    He didn't say he was fighting Fedor,he said a title shot that could be the UFC or fight for a vacant Pride belt if Fedor leaves.

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