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Thread: UFC 61 Prediction Thread

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    Default ufc 61

    Sylvia by TKO rd2
    Mir by sub rd2
    Stevenson by sub rd3
    Tito by unaminous decision
    Burkman by split decision

    I would like to see shamrock finally retire!!

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    -Tim Sylvia vs. Andrei Arlovski- Easy Arlovski KO
    -Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock- Tito decision
    -Frank Mir vs. Dan Christison- Mir tko
    -Yves Edwards vs. Joe Stevenson- Joe decision or stoppage
    -Josh Burkman vs. Josh Neer- Burkman, only cause he is with tito now
    -Hermes Franca vs. Roger Huerta- Hermes
    -Drew Fickett vs. Kurt Pellegrino- Fickett
    -Jeff Monson vs. Anthony Perosh- Monson
    -Gilbert Aldana vs. Cheick Kongo- Kongo

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    Tim Sylvia vs Andrei Arlovksi = Andrei Arvovlski via KO

    Tito Ortiz vs Ken Shamrock = Tito Ortiz via Unanimous Decision

    Frank Mir vs Dan Christison = Dan Christison via Unanimous Decision

    Yves Edwards vs Joe Stevenson = Yves Edwards via Submission

    Josh Burkman vs Josh Neer = Josh Neer via Submission

    Hermes Franca vs Roger Huerta = Hermes Franca via TKO

    Drew Fickett vs Kurt Pellergrino = Drew Fickett

    Jeff Monson vs Anthony Persosh = Jeff Monson via KO

    Gilbert Aldana vs Cheick Kongo = Cheick Kongo

    man think about it wouldnt a decision be the best way for the Shamrock/Ortiz error to win? especially if its a close fight.. that would make it interesting.. hell it be better if it were a split decision!
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    Tim via ko in 2
    Tito via tko in 3
    Mir via sub in 2
    Stevenson via sub in 3
    hermes via sub in 2
    Fickett via ko in 2
    Monson via sub in 1
    Kongo via decision

    appears to be pretty weak card but could be some interesting fights.

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    Default Prediction for UFC 61

    Tito Ortiz: Winner in the 1st. Ko (strikes)
    Ken Shamrock

    Tim Sylvia
    Andrei Arlovski: Winner In the 1st. Arm bar (New Champ)

    Yves Edwards
    Joe Stevenson: Winner, Split Decision

    Frank Mir: Winner Rear naked choke in the 2nd
    Dan Christison

    Josh Burkman: Winner, Ko in the 1st
    Josh Neer

    Jeff Monson: Winner unanimous decision
    Anthony Perosh

    Drew Fickett : Ko in the 2nd
    Kurt Pellegrino

  6. Default

    AA by KO, 2nd round.
    Tito by decision.
    Edwards by TKO, 3rd round.
    Mir by submission, 2nd round.
    Monson by submission, 1st round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djimprint
    -Tim Sylvia vs. Andrei Arlovski AA TKO Rd 1
    -Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock Tito by TKO
    -Frank Mir vs. Dan Christison Christison by TKO... (I hope I'm wrong but I don't know if Mir can still go after his last loss.)
    -Yves Edwards vs. Joe Stevenson Edwards by TKO...maybe decision
    -Josh Burkman vs. Josh Neer Neer by doctor stoppage.
    -Hermes Franca vs. Roger Huerta Franca by Sub
    -Drew Fickett vs. Kurt Pellegrino Fickett by TKO
    -Jeff Monson vs. Anthony Perosh Monson by Sub
    -Gilbert Aldana vs. Cheick Kongo Aldana by KO/TKO

    I have to say that I hope some of these go differently, however I gotta be realistic.

    On this same line.... does anyone here actually play the UFC fantasy game that has on thier site?
    yea i play the fantasy challenge on the ufc website i started last ppv and was ranked 54 i believe how about yourself

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    I find it interesting (I'm going with Sylvia of course) that a lot of people are calling Arlovski by KO. He has failed to KO Tim with 2 huge shots now in each fight.

    If anything I would think you'd all be saying sub.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tystick357
    I find it interesting (I'm going with Sylvia of course) that a lot of people are calling Arlovski by KO. He has failed to KO Tim with 2 huge shots now in each fight.

    If anything I would think you'd all be saying sub.
    that's what I said in my prediction on page 2.

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    Oh yeah I know guys are saying that, but look on this page alone. Out of the 4 guys going with Arlov 3 say KO, only one says sub.

    I wasn't applying it to anyone specific, I was speaking in generalities. If that makes sense.
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