Anyone try this yet? I remember seeing an ad for it and checking out their website. Supposedly BJ Penn is one of the people that endorse it on the site. So I thought I would head down to GNC and check it out, as I am a sucker for gimmicks and shortcuts (I'm a lazy person when it comes to working out). At the store they had it locked in a glass case while everything else was just out on the shelf. So I'm thinking wow this stuff must be good. I ask for a price check on it and I was a bit shocked when I found out it was $70! But I didn't want to seem like a wimp to the hot sales chick so I bought it anyway.

So after a month and using the whole bottle I am impressed with the results! I don't know if it was just a mental thing, or the fact that spending that much on some pills motivated me.....Or if the ingredients are working as advertised.... But I definitly felt like while I was working out, I could do more than I normally could and I didn't feel much muscle strain/soreness like I usually do. Which allowed me to train harder and longer and not be tired later.

I definitly think it could help some of you workout freaks out.
just throwing my 2 cents out there and wondering if anyone else has tried it.