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Something in particular recently get your ire up?

BTW, glad I happened to catch this thread. Don't want you clubbing me with your banstick. I'm very sensitive you know. *snicker*
No, nothing in particular. They're just a crap site that makes things up to get attention when they run out of actual stories [which is about 90% of the time]. I'm tired of reading their made-up interviews and misquotes and foolishness as though it was legitimate news, getting all the mopes worked up on the board and normalizing rumors and innuendo. And they're not even creative and/or imaginative about the stuff they make up, they try to make it credible. If someone was writing "Tim Sylvia to fight Werewolf-midget tag-team in Laos" stories, I'd probably be OK with them.

or maybe not.

Yes, they occasionally don't completely fabricate things and have actual news...but I look at it this way...if I had a dog that occasionally didn't shit on the rug, he's still sleeping outside all the damn time.

I'll forgo the ban for anyone who posts their stuff in noobjack, with RUMOR: in the title. But anything in the main forum--even with RUMOR in the title--thumpity thump goes the ban stick.

Well, just one thump. Three days, that's all.