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    depends on how ripped you want to get, once you get down to a good body fat percentage, there are a lot of supplements that will help you cut out the last bit of fat that body builders use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeyP View Post
    Supplements are for women
    Most MMA fighters you enjoy watching must be trannies then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DayneFS View Post
    Thanks for the help everyone.

    Right now I am taking BSNs syntha-6 time release protein, 100% whey protein, jack3d preworkout, and extra strength fishoil pills along with this fruit and veggies supplement called Juice Plus.
    Dayne, If you are trying to lose fat and maintain/build muscle, you do not need all the supplements you are taking. BSN is a descent product that tastes good, but there are better and more efficient ways to get results.

    Below I will outline what a typical diet regimen should consist of for your needs. But you also need to give us some info on yourself.
    Just the basics such as height and weight. Also your level of training experience.
    Meaning how long have you been "lifting", exercising and what type of intensity. If you could actually post your workout routine, I can help you tweak or tell you what can help or not help you.

    Basic important Supplements are:

    The minute you wake in the morning (within 30-40 min of awaking)
    20-25 grams of straight Whey protein. If you work out at some point in the morning make sure that it is one hour after taking the Whey. Also make sure it is 100% Whey and not a casein blend of any kind.
    At this time I normally take three additional supplements with the shake. A multivitamin that can be taken without food, a pro-biotic, and lastly Creatine.
    I do not take Creatine Mono or CEE, instead I take Hydrochloride. It is the purest form of Creatine and much more potent to help replenish and restore Creatine levels during and after workout. The best source for this is Con-Crete in powder form.

    At this point I do not take anything else into my system that can spike blood sugar levels before working out. So I go to the gym and drink only water.

    After the gym and a good 60 min workout with weights you immediately need to replenish the fluids in the body. I can go into exact terms if you need me too, but I am just giving a basic outline and description. At this time your body needs good quick simple carbs and protein to feed the muscles (body).
    At NO TIME after a workout do you take ANY form of blend or fatty food. Your body needs a ratio of 2:1 carbs to protein. This can be had in many ways. Try to stay away from primarily fructose and look for a glucose supplement. Personally I use Optimum Nutrition's Recovery. 70Grams carbs and 35G protein. Get the fruit stuff or some sort of chocolate because the vanilla taste like pure shit.

    Then I wait an hour before eating a good meal. Usually lunch. Again however you need to minimize the fat content or at least the saturated fats. Turkey is a great slow absorbing protein, with chicken a close second. Lean Beef like flank steak, Pork loin, and some fish like Salmon. Make a menu and you get used to being creative with spices and toppings. I cant even tell you how important it is to stay away from white foods, like enriched pasta, spaghetti, white rice, breads and so on. Whole wheat bread and rice are the absolute best. I know it tastes like shit plain so get creative. Chicken stock and low fat Colby Cheese are the shit!! It will make any thing taste good.
    I almost forgot a veggie. Take your pic. Actually eat real fruit and veggies, you shouldn't supplement them unless you absolutely have too.

    As you can see so far there is no need for a casein blend at all. Your food will provide that balance.
    2 Hours later another 20-25 grams of Whey. Again 100% with no casein. The whey is a supplement for the speed of absorption. The slow absorbing protein from lunch will keep amino acids in your system. The Whey will keep you tied over until dinner. Try to eat at the same time everyday. Dinner usually at 530-6pm. Again follow the basic outline for lunch and be creative.

    One thing people dont realize is that they believe too much protein supplementation is not bad. Its not really bad as it is a waste. Your body will either waste the product or store the excess as fat. You need to train your body to use the protein at the right times while you learn to maintain caloric levels thruout the day. If you maintain a meal regimen every 2.5 hours your body will actually store less fat and use it for fuel. At first you will eat less and your body may react a bit differently, but at the end of the third day the process will kick in. You will actually teach your body when to burn fat and when to replenish when you training.

    To conclude you will notice that you really only need a good Whey supplement, a good digestible multivitamin and a good fast carb recovery shake. Here is a link to the one I take :2:1:1 Recovery

    Creatine is an option, but one that I would recommend after more information about your routine. If you would like a sample workout routine for Strength training let me know.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulah Belle View Post
    Eat right and minimal, Saunas help and if your running, wearing one of those sweat inducing suits of crap helps! Pounds will fall
    Saunas help remove water weight, not fat. The weight comes back after you drink the exact volume of water you lost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DayneFS View Post
    from anyone who trains strength & conditioning frequently, what are your choice of supplements and/or nutrition?

    Serious question.
    Jack3d spiked with Whey Protein is what I'm taking right now...great results....Jack3d is a great product....if you haven't tried it already, give it a shot.
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