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Thread: Following UFC Release, Gabriel Gonzaga Likely to Retire From Mixed Martial Arts

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    A lot of hate for Gurgel for not going for takedowns more, but if you watch his earlier fights he has a lot of trouble forcing the fight to the ground without a wrestling base. Thinking it's similar with Gonzaga; the average fighters TDD is enough to nullify their TD's. And as Degenero pointed out, being exciting for fans to watch is worth a lot in this sport. And a guy struggling for takedowns is just not something people want to see.

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    Gabe's a really really good, very good fighter. However the roster of HWs has increased by leaps and bounds and the depth has gotten far greater and it has shown in Napao's markedly declined win/loss record. Wish him the best because he's a damn entertaining fighter and always brings a good showing, great jits and the most infamous KTFO in MMA history. Great career if it's over, all the best Napao!

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