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Thread: Nate Marquardt Hopes for Second Crack Against Anderson Silva

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    Anderson is the top of the food chain at MW right now. That said, Anderson is also creeping up there in age, somewhere around 35-37 I think. As we have seen all the "old Lions" fall in time.

    Anderson should do OK agianest Vitor cause I see it as all standup. Vitor has great Hands, but Anderson has elite MT.

    After IMO he beats Vitor, Nate or Okami has the skills to get it to the ground and can beat Anderson. I am not counting out Anderson though, He is still the best at 185 IMO

    It is just a matter of time in MMA-everyone looses. But I dont see it being to Nate
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    I don't think Nate is good enough at any one thing to beat Silva. He's a good all around fighter but he doesn't have the wrestling like others who had success against Silva and his striking while good doesn't match up with Silva.

    Nate will have his hands full with Okami as is and unless he does alot better with his takedown defense he may just take a step back again in the line for a rematch.

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    If Anderson gets by Vitor, I think he can beat Nate or Okami. Will be a good fight, But I think Anderson is still to much for them.

    If Anderson dont get clipped by Vitor, IMHO he will retire with the strap unless the UFC brings in some young guns at MW. As said earlier, Anderson is getting up there in age and he has said the wieght cut is getting harder so I dont see many years left for him. Just maybe 4-5 more fights, and I think he will hang them up.
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