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Thread: Brock Sapp, Meet Bob Lesnar

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    Default Brock Sapp, Meet Bob Lesnar

    The MMA Haus: Brock Sapp, Meet Bob Lesnar

    Anyone who was hoping that the fantasies of “Brock the Warrior” would disperse after his public flogging by Cain Velasquez have been sadly mistaken. Still he is ranked among the top five by the bought and paid for media, and still the forums are abuzz with fan boy love. Sure, a certain segment has turned on their former crush in favor of the new passing flavor de jour, but it was only a short time ago that these fair-weather flaksters were pushing Brock as an unstoppable force to be feared. And extending beyond the fan base into the realm of the influential media, there were even a special few “professionals” who have been claiming Brock a beast since his debut against Min-Soo Kim...

    Josh Gross: “You can see just by the way he controlled Kim from mount, the power he brought, that he is a special kind of fighter, one that heavyweight MMA really hasn’t seen before.”

    Those were the fanboyish words of then Sherdog editor-in-chief Josh Gross after Lesnar‘s first fight, and I’d wager he now feels a fool for having said them.

    Unlike Josh Gross, truly knowledgeable enthusiasts of the sport have been shouting their faces blue about Brock the paper tiger ever since he first disgraced MMA with his presence. But leave it to the throngs of morons that make up MMA’s current fan base to jock this novelty act non-fighter. Like real sheepish whores they accept whatever is jammed into their throats by their pimp-daddy Zuffa.

    Brock Lesnar is a phony, a white Bob Sapp. They both come from a pro-wrestling background which enables them to play up the extracurricular theatrics to draw the attention of the casual couch dwellers which account for the majority of Zuffa’s pay-per-view buys. They both have experience as NFL linemen, giving them that meat-headed muscle freak body type which the closet-case TUF crowd cream their shorts over, ignorantly thinking that’s what a fighter looks like. And finally, they both take punches about as well as a blind folded puppy dog, twirling and flailing the moment an ounce of heat is put on them. Visit any gym during novice hours and you’ll see beginners with more fight composure than what they show when put under pressure.

    There would be no issue if Brock would just go away and stop embarrassing the sport, hopefully taking the entire WWE crowd with him. This isn’t the case though as he is still ranked as an elite fighter on the lists of hack media outlets such as Sherdog and MMA Weekly, even as high as #2 in the case of the former. Brock deserves laughter, mockery, and contempt, not praise and glory he’s done nothing to earn. The truth is that the self-proclaimed big dogs of the MMA media have sunk to the swampy depths of shillery, and upon delving into such muddied waters there is no return, as green greed quickly asphyxiates journalistic integrity.

    And so it is, if the masses of uninformed fans cry out for more Brock, the media skunks will gleefully comply, pumping in more smoke and placing more mirrors, prolonging the illusion that is Brock Lesnar. After all, an ignorant fan’s money is just as green as an informed one‘s, and he’s a lot more willing to part with it.

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    There would be no issue if Brock would just go away and stop embarrassing the sport
    Brock Lesnar is a phony, a white Bob Sapp
    There is a whole lot of Brock hate in this article and I dont see Brock as embarrassing to the sport.

    Hell, I am not even a Brock fan. But this is just hate towards him.

    You want a embarrassment to the sport...a brokedown exWWE star, in his 40s, with no combat sports background......I bet Scott Coker can name who I am talking about.
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    As much as I dislike Brock, I think he's 100x more talented than Sapp. Yes, I think many people jumped on the Brock bandwagon too early, but his size and speed and eagerness to learn showed potential.

    And, the quote from Josh Gross...was fairly correct. How many 265+ heavyweights have we seen with the speed and quickness of Brock. That is what made him dangerous, that along with his wrestling pedigree. I think he just came up too quickly.

    Either way...terrible article.

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    well, IMHO what embarasses the sport more is this moron and dumb article, opposed to someone like brock laying it all on the line everytime they step into the cage..

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    themmahaus is getting dangerously close to being NOOB JACK CITY material at this point.
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    Firstly, I'm no Brock fan. But, I'm no hater either.

    It is called MMA... a mix of combat styles. Brock is a wrestler, that's his style. To call him an embarrassment to MMA is the real travesty here.

    The man is an elite wrestler, with the credentials to back it up. Plus, he's genetically gifted in his physicality. So he's learning to strike and take a punch. There's many MMA fighters out there still learning but, all of this hate directed toward Brock is just unfounded... its not like he had no combat pedigree and I think he deserves a little more respect than he's been shown.

    The absurdity of the article makes me think the author is no better than the WWE wrestlers that he apparently hates so much... Brock is an easy target so, he writes an article full of so much unwarranted hatred that it'll draw heat for sure and get him more noticed.

    Nice try dude... your own credibility as an MMA fan\"journalist" is now in question... I now label you a hate-monger and nothing more since you obviously have no appreciation for the different styles and fighters that make MMA so exciting and unpredictable.

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    BAD article.

    Does make a good point though. Brock needs to work on the composure when under pressure. I doubt he gets "beaten up on" during training camp.

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    I bet he was wearing his fedor t-shirt when he wrote that drivel.

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    Haters be hatin. Relax guy

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