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Thread: TUF 13 Ep. 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by IceCold48 View Post
    Yea but the fact he asked them such a ridiculous question and had to write it down when then all gave the same answer. hahahaha
    While everyone certainly answered yes. I'm quite sure some hesitated etc. and those are the things you might want to get on paper.
    You know, body language and stuff like that.

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    THats the first time we ever saw a coach go up to each fighter and ask him questions. I'm sure their were more,but thats the one they showed on tv,also we didnt see all 16 fighters answers, some could of been pretty bad

    If Brock was fighting, then I guarantee the ratings would of been better, he is just a coach, people want to see him smash, not train. Even my gf asked wtf he was doing as a coach.

    In the long run,I would want to go with JDS,better chance at training with Mark, Nog's, Silva or Aldo.
    Quote Originally Posted by Trojan Fight Club View Post
    well now I've seen War Machine's dick. fantastic.
    Quote Originally Posted by GL Jeff View Post
    Ill go against the grain.
    Werdum via triangle
    Someone needs to cheer for those poor souls.

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    I thought it was pretty underwhelming. I think ill watch next week but if things dont pick up quick Ill likely not watch anymore.

    I knew Brock wasnt going to be a stellar coach, with his lack of everything other than wrestling. But JDS wasnt all that great either. the language barrier is more of an issue then I thought, and was more obvious during the fight.

    Id like to see another comebacks season. Instead of putting 16 no-names on tv with the hope of one being the next forest griffen, take a bunch of guys already on contract and expose them to the world. this would be great for lightweight and middleweight, those divisions seem to have tons of guys with no real pecking order.

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