Here is a really good blog post from ep 1 by Chris Cope -

Chris Cope's blog for "The Ultimate Fighter 13," episode No. 1 |

Here are some cool things I read in the detailed's a good read, but if you don't wanna read it all here are some cool chunks I took out.

When we got to Las Vegas, they put us up in a hotel room at the Palace Station. I knew what to expect. They keep you in the room for 24 hours. You didn't really know exactly what's happening, and you end up watching about 16 hours of TV or so. We couldn't leave the hotel room, and we had to hand over our phones and our wallets. The phone in the room was disconnected, as well.

When we did come out, we saw 14 guys standing in the hallway. I'm thinking to myself, "Is this it?" Then we get in the van to go to the gym, and I'm looking around to see if there's a different van. They bring us to the training center, and I'm still only seeing 14 people. I kept thinking maybe the doors would open and there would be another 14 guys, but it was just Dana White. I was like, "Thank God!"

My biggest concern was just getting in the house. I've seen so many seasons where guys that are good fighters don't make it in. My buddy, Kyle Reid, he's a really good fighter, but he knocked himself out trying to take down Frank Lester in season nine, and he didn't get in the house because of it. Of course, it wasn't a complete free pass. When Dana told us we didn't have to fight, he also said he was expecting more from us because of it. Everyone was celebrating, and he says, "I better not see any chicken[expletive] fights, and I better not see anybody bitch out. You guys have been given a [expletive] gift, so don't mess it up."
I was impressed with Brock during the tryouts. His team had it all strategized and planned out as to how they were going to pick people. They ran us through conditioning, wrestling and striking drills. When we were with Dos Santos' side, they just had us do a little bit of wrestling and a little bit of sparring. It was a lot less organized.
You got to see a little of us working out, and I know some people were wondering what the equipment we were using was called. It's called The Speed Bag, and it's made by The Burn Machine. It's one of Brock's things. We would do mitts or wrestling, and then we'd pick that thing up and spin it forward and backward. It's just to burn your arms out. It helps for pummeling, for speed, for endurance. I've got one of my own now, and I use it between training rounds when I've got a minute break.

It's funny, the training sessions were the exact opposite of what I expected. I assumed Dos Santos' team would be all laid back and mellow. Instead, he was like, "Alright, you guys are going to fight for an hour." Meanwhile, our sessions were more calculated and planned.
Then about the fight -

I'm not trying to make excuses for him. But Nordin is a talkative guy. But when he got there, he was basically falling asleep. And of course, he wanted to stand and bang, but Shamar didn't. Nordin kept saying, "Shamar just wanted to snuggle with me. I wanted to fight, but he just wanted to snuggle."
And later on after the fight -

I don't know if it was because we were on Brock's team or what, but me and Tony Ferguson were basically talking [expletive] at the house. They didn't show it, but there was a sandbox in the house, and in it, we wrote, "In Brock we trust." We were just trying to get under the other team's skin a bit, but they weren't biting on it. We were all about unity and trying to break the other team apart, but it didn't really work early on.
In Brock we trust.....trying to get under the other teams skin by writing in Brock we trust? Very menacing.

The number one thing that breaks a team up in the house is losing....nothing else.

I'm looking forward to the next blog. They can be pretty interesting reads sometimes...get an insight into how the fighter saw it, not the camera's and producers and director.