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    while i can see the reasoning behind the decision, i hate the fact that they dont fight to get into the house anymore. for one, it ensured that the best fighters (for the most part) were in the house and two, it always meant the first two episodes were gonna be great.

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    Episode 4:

    Thank god the fight finished early in round 2 because round 1 was once again boring as hell.

    Sorry but Brock sucks as a coach, if he really does not have any confidence on his team at least he sjould not say it in public. He should be an hypocrite and pretend that he thinks his team is great.

    Look at JDS, all he says to his team is "Great, beautiful work, nice, awesome, you are doing great" etc etc.
    Brock says "You are chicken shit, what is wrong with you? Your head is not here"

    JDS constantly motivates his guys, Brock has zero confidence in them and they obvioulsy can feel that.

    Dana White should STFU about the choke thing, he is not even a fighter, he has never been in an MMA fight and he does not have any fucking idea of what it feels to be choked during a fight. Its easy to say "oh he just tapped very quickly", I would like to see what he would do if someone chokes him out.

    He defends Lesnar and Wtf Lesnar is doing aside of calling his own team "Chicken shit"?
    He brought Matt Hughes, that is very good (JDS should bring some members of black house) but during a fight he is not giving any useful advices, he does not give any motivation to his team, and even after the fight he continues to bash them.

    Maybe the guys are doing that bad because their coach is the one who is "chicken shit".

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    All I know is I want my 60 minutes back from watching this week's episode.
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    Ok even you guys have to be impressed with the last 2 1st round matches and the wildcard.

    So the quarters are set:

    Ramsey Nijem vs. Clay Harvison
    Chuck ?? vs. Zach ??
    Shamar Bailey vs. Chris Cope
    Ryan McGivilray?? vs. Tony Ferguson?

    Not sure about most of their last names.

    So who are the favorites? Who'd make the best semis and final?

    My picks would be Ramsey, Chuck, Shamar, and Tony with Chuck and Tony in the final. Probably end up being Shamar and Ramsey, maybe the most boring fight in the history of TUF.
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