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Thread: TUF 13 Episode 2

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    I said it to myself when the fighters first came me. "This guy doesn't look like he fits in the mix" What happened? Very next episode he quit. If you can't go 6 weeks without seeing your daughter you might as well get a job at 7'11 or something along those lines. Just stop fighting. Being in the military I've had to go 13 months without seeing my family but you do what you have to do for your family.

    As for Brocks comments if I was on his team I would be slightly offended. Chicken Salad out of Chicken Shit to me means you really don't believe in your guys, you just put them in the cage and pray for the best.

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    I thought Brocks any given Sunday speech was more about telling them that just because JDS has chosen his highest picks to fight Brocks lowest picks doesn't mean the result is a forgone conclusion. Chris Cole was really nervous and he won, despite probably not being the better fighter, so it worked and I don't think people should complain.

    Javier was an idiot in the fight: he kept on going back to the cage and turned around even though it looked like he was getting the better of the stand up.
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