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    Default What ever happened to.......

    They guys like
    Chris Sanford
    Jason Thacker
    Eli Joslin
    Kenny Stevens
    Noah Inhofer
    Marlon Sims

    You know all the guys that made it to the TUF house but you never really heard from them agian.

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    None of them went on to do anything. Which really should not be a surprise to anyone because they really weren't that good to began with. The acutal % of TUF guys that are actually UFC level fighters is pretty slim when you think about. Just about every season has 16 fighters and usually only about 3-4 have decently long stint in the UFC. Most are one and done or never make it period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Sword View Post
    They guys like
    Chris Sanford went 5-1, last fought in 2005
    Jason Thacker El Zilcho
    Eli Joslin went 2-0, hasn't fought since 2006
    Kenny Stevens went 9-9, last fighting in 2009
    Noah Inhofer went 4-5 last fighting in 2008
    Marlon Sims went 3-4, last fighting exactly a year ago losing by TKOECt.

    You know all the guys that made it to the TUF house but you never really heard from them agian.
    Bit of a trend, once TUF doesn't work out for them they just give up chasing the dream....definitely not the kind of material that gets UFC contracts.

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