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Thread: Dan severn interview from years back decent read for real old school mma fans

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    Default Dan severn interview from years back decent read for real old school mma fans

    Tapout Zine: Dan The Beast Severn Interview

    You are the only man to hold three UFC titles. Is 2006 going to be your last year of competition?

    Within reason, I should say, the reality is I get a lot of people that ask me about that. How much longer
    can you go? I am not getting hurt, I am still winning the majority of my matches. If I had to pull out a
    number I would say I started at 36 so why not end at 46. But if some crazy monetary offer came in after
    the fact, I mean you know I would seriously have to look at that. So I gave myself some kind of
    benchmark to go for, that is how I am viewing it. I may really downsize that kind of competition all
    together. My intentions are spent more and more doing promoting and pro wrestling. My training facility I
    have been spending much more time on, and as that takes up more and more of my time, I will become
    less of a competitor.
    Dang Dan that was almost 10 years ago, guy still is a beast.

    Well the reason i really started this thread was for a few things.

    1st. Though he was fighting lower guys on small shows does not take away the fact this guys is a beast still at 55yo 99 - 16 - 7 at that age and only being tko/ko'd one time in over a 100 fights is nuts. I think him and royce would be a great super fight to let to great legends end the historical careers. Ufc should make it happen because we kno these guys deserve 1 last hooraah, i mean they did it for coleman why not them?

    2nd. Had a question for anyone who could find me the answer, I have been looking because im a little curious to know how much the beast has been getting paid fighting for KOTC, KOTC isnt a huge show by any means but as far as i kno its a decently big show, well bigger then some of the ones i hear of and def been around a while.

    Mods feel free to move if needed, just wanted to find info out.

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    In an attempt to answer at least one of your questions I looked around on a few other message boards and the common answer always seems to be between $500 to fight, $500 to win with main event fighters possibly earning 2k to 5k.

    One guy said that he had fought in a different small org and had similar numbers.

    Obviously not very reliable info but its all I could find.
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