Anderson Silva Says He Would Never Fight Jon Jones - Bloody Elbow

Anderson Silva appears to be more interested in the "Winable" superfight against Georges St. Pierre than facing Jon Jones at Light Heavyweight according to an interview with (translated by BE's own Tom Mendes)

On fighting Jones:

"No chance, he’s in a different weight class, we are friends and we won’t fight each other."
On fighting GSP:

"There is a chance there, everything will depend on our results. It depends on him winning at UFC 129 and me winning in August (against Yushin Okami). And from there, who knows, this fight could take place."
Okay....I don't even know where to begin with this interview. We won't fight Jones because he's in another weight class but he'll fight GSP who's in another weight class? And when did him and Jones become such good friends? Whatever respect I had for Anderson went right out the window. He is a coward.