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Thread: Keith Jardine Wants To Hold The Strikeforce Middleweight Title By 2012

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    Oh dear.
    Jardine gets his ass kicked everytime he faces a good fighter, he wont be champion anytime soon of Strikeforce or UFC or any other Top Organization.

    The only positive thing about this is that if he is cutting weight then there wont be a rematch with Mousasi. Mousasi deserves to fight someone better.

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    doubt it, but good for him. Set your goals high.

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    Survival is Triumph Enough
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    I love Jardine, but put him against a hard-hitter like Robbie Lawler and things will get ugly quickly without a takedown. I'm not going to be as black&white as to say "his chin has gone" and rant on an obvious myth like that (handled heavy shots froma fully healthy Mousasi just fine).

    But Keith needs dimensions....he has some, but not enough to make it to a titleshot IMO

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    lol at Sardine.. err.. Jardine. I think he and Melvin hangs out together way too much. They're both delusional.
    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Lauzon View Post
    "Guillard is like, 'Oh, Joe didn't beat me. I beat myself.'" "No, I smacked you in the face with my fist, and you went down and I choked you. I'm pretty sure i'm taking credit for that."
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    "It's funny how some fans wanna be PC and shit, but then some of these same muthafuckaz wanna pay to see some organized violence. LOL! Or they boo if a fight ain't violent enough. LOL!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by JadedX View Post
    lol at Sardine.. err.. Jardine. I think he and Melvin hangs out together way too much. They're both delusional.
    He has high hopes and dreams for himself. I applaud the man who chases after the goals he has set and trying to jump all the hurdles to get there. He may never be champion, but he sure as hell is determined to try.

    After all what would life be without dreams and aspirations of greatness?

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    Never been a fan of him myself. And I'm not sure at his age cutting weight is the right move, even though it sounds doable.

    Maybe he's looking at Hendo, an iron chinned knockout artist with wrestling that Jardine could never hope to overcome and thinking 'probably not.' Ditto for King Mo, and Cavalcante has just the sort of aggressive, swarming style that has left Jardine an unconscious, seizuring mess in the past. And no way does he want a rematch with Mousasi, so I see why it makes sense to him.

    At middleweight he'd have a size/reach advantage over much of the division. He'd hit as hard as anyone at 185 with the exception of Manhoef and maybe Lawlor. His awkward style means he could pose problems standing for most, and with his name and dwindling UFC cred he'd probably only need to win 2 fights before getting a shot.

    Still, I'm with the majority who thinks Jacare would take him out. I don't think Jardine will ever be a champion, personally.

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