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Thread: Len Bentley Calls Brock Lesnar an 'A-Hole' and 'Turd'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
    Len just doesn't get it. No one is above reproach, especially good ole Lenny-boy. After watching last night's episode, I thought to myself that I hope Len never gets into the UFC; he just doesn't deserve it, and he obviously will never work hard enough to take the opportunity he has been given. Good bye and good riddance.
    I think Dana coming to him after the fight and telling him that he fought his heart out and there is nothing to be ashamed of, I think that blew his ego up.

    And I totally agree....this isn't a team sport....just because you might be friends or trained with Hallman doesn't mean you have to dislike Hughes....or just because you disagree with what he said in his book, that doesn't mean you can't learn from him and use what he says to your benefit.

    I started playing hockey at the age of 5-6 and by the age of 10 I witnessed dozens of kids getting bitched out by coaches and by parents.

    Brock calling me chicken shit would honestly just make me laugh. First off. Using the term chicken shit.....what is he? A twelve year old or a baby boomer mother? That is something my mom used to say when I was a's a weak diss...and in me, it invokes laughter.

    And then taking the term chicken shit personally and throwing a tantrum, storming out of the room.

    Just man up....shut up and take the verbal lashing. If you don't think it's directed at you, then shut up...say nothing. And if you do think it is directed at you.....look at who it is coming from.

    It is coming from a guy you already don't who cares.

    I hope Len does some growing up and doesn't feel that since he put on a decent two round fight, that he is deserving of something. Fact is, he lost, if this were any other TUF season that would mean that he didn't even make it to the house. Be thankful you can train with the people you do, and learn as much as you can and make connections with other fighters in the house.

    For a guy who says he doesn't want to be negative....he sure has been saying a lot of negative things.

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    Time to bring in the under 155 guys, would make for better fights and time to start promoting the new weight classes and give people a chance to know who these guys are.
    A good friend is a person who will bail you out of jail at three in the morning, your best friend is the guy sitting next to saying "that was awesome!"

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    Where does motivation come from, especially in terms of an individual (aspiring) pro athlete?

    Coaches are nice for teaching, planning and strategizing, but at the end of the day, if you need to get your motivation from a coach, you're not elite.

    It's gotta' come from within.


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    TUF 14 put Sonnen vs Bisping and bring back HW's and I will watch it...

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    So glad Len didn't get the wild card match. He was walking around like he was entitled to it. He lost 2 rounds to 0. That doesn't earn him anything. At least the guy who got subbed was battling in that match. I'd rather give the wild card to a guy who was aggressively working in his fight. I hope and doubt Len gets a televised fight on the finale.
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