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Thread: rampage vs jon jones

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    Man if this fight happened i would love to see Page win this and he has a chance much like Shogun did, I just can't see it happening it would be a brutalizing destruction of Page with kicks coming from all angles if you think Shogun torched Page with kicks and knees i am afraid of what Jones could do. That kid is so big and explosive he is a terrible match up for anyone at LHW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Masscore View Post
    I think Rampage will be the one to take the title from Jones if they ever fight. Jones will not be able to muscle Rampage around like he has with everyone else and on top of that Rampage's boxing should be enough to give Jones fits in the stand-up department. One thing I did notice is that when ever Jones went for a highlight reel move against Shogun, Shogun ended up taking Jones' back. Now if that happens with Rampage, Jones is going to be a lot of trouble and probably add some points to his Southwest card.

    I see Jones going for a spinning elbow, Rampage blocking and countering with a right to jaw. Rampage via KO in the 2nd.
    shogun never took jones back ??? i dont think rampage will even be able to land on jones. jones has the reach and speed advantage. i picture jones satying on the outside and landing jabs and vicious leg kicks until he gets more confident and then either go for a takedown (which he will get with ease) or go for the ko. jones by tko in the 2nd
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    something of mention is that rampage has WAY better TDD than shogun and all of Jones' other opponents. That being said that is like saying fitch has better tdd than hardy when fighting gsp. when GSP or Jones want you down, they get you down.

    GSP is a fast double leg where as Jones' uses throws and greco takedowns. Rampage is very strong from the clinch. Jones has a huge reach, but will have to give up a little bit of it to get in to land his takedowns.

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    wow after 4 mothns this thread gets brought back from the death !!!!!!!1
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