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Thread: TUF 13, newest episode.

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    I was expecting a third round. If a fighter goes for a TD,and gets stuffed,then the guy preventing the TD is controlling the fight. He desided the fight isnt going to the ground. The first round was close,but I ha it for Shamar,second round went easily to Chris, he just landed more strikes, and kept the fight standing. I think it was a clear message to Shamar and other wrestlers that you need to do more.
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    well now I've seen War Machine's dick. fantastic.
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    Ill go against the grain.
    Werdum via triangle
    Someone needs to cheer for those poor souls.

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    it was close for sure, but like everyone knows, you cant leave it in the hands of the judges..i thought the talk between dan and shamar at the end was pretty hilarious actually..come on wanted to show you could stand and bang? you spent 90% of that fight with your head buried in copes armpit

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