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Thread: Posting twitter as threads

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    Default Posting twitter as threads

    I don't like having twitter feeds as threads in the general forum.

    I personally think it should be banned; no posting twitter feeds as thread topics.

    However, since some people may not agree, I suggest a separate section for it a la Noob Jack (except more hidden). Maybe a section WITHIN Noobjack.

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    "The Twit-twat" located within Noobjack like the After Dark section in off-topic.

    My vote.

    The only interesting news we ever get from twitter-twatter is fighters talking shit to each other like Jon Jones and Rashad or most recently the Tim Kennedy/Bisping "tweet."

    Does anyone have a reasonable explanation for the bonuses for fighters using twitter? Exposure?


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    We're considering a sub-forum like noobjack. It's very probable.

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    Ugh, fuck Twatter.

    Cat is the only one really posting this shit.
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