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Thread: Mike Brown won't 'throw up and die' against Nam Phan on Aug. 6

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    Default Mike Brown won't 'throw up and die' against Nam Phan on Aug. 6

    UFC 133: Mike Brown won't 'throw up and die' against Nam Phan on Aug. 6 -

    by Jesse Holland

    "It was so frustrating, and itís not fun. Thatís when fights are not fun is when you get exhausted like that. If youíre feeling good and youíre getting picked apart, it almost doesnít even bother you as much. ... But when youíre just feeling like, ĎI want to throw up and die,í thatís not a good feeling. I think I was overtrained. I was training really hard and I was getting really tired in both fights for some reason, which isnít usually the case for me. I was pretty upset. I talked to some doctors and some exercise physiologists because it was pretty bad. It felt like I was getting more and more out of shape as the fight was coming closer, which didnít make any sense because I never really let off the gas. You just have to know your body. Sometimes you can push it too much, especially if youíre really excited about a fight. I havenít been fighting well. I know I gotta win. This is it, man. Iím going to train hard and Iíll be ready. Weíll see what happens, but Iím confident. If I perform like I should, we should be all right."

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    I can't see him losing to Nam Phan

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    Title made me laugh for some reason hahaha

    In all seriousness though Brown NEEDS this win. I still think he can be a real threat in the ever growing division if he can just settle down and get his head straight. I'm sure its easier said then done, but I think he has the well rounded skill set can to make an impact (and at the very least some great mtch ups) in the BW div if he runs through Nam Phan

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    I like Nam, but something about Mike Brown just makes me want him to succeed so bad. If Brown is right and his last two performances were abberations, the Nam is going to sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goremire View Post
    Iím going to train hard and Iíll be ready. .
    After reading what he said in that article, I hope not too hard.

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