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Thread: Shogun Rua: Any top five light heavyweight is capable of beating Jon Jones

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    If Rampage puts pressure on him,Jones could cave, no ones really put it to him,he might not be able to take a punch. Lyoto is going to give him fits, make him chase,and Machida can put a hurting on anyone, he even put Rampage on his back, hes super dangerous. Rashad is very fast,and could take Jones down,or even land some punches and Jones isnt battle tested.

    Anyone can beat anyone,and at LHW is so dangerous.
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    well now I've seen War Machine's dick. fantastic.
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    Someone needs to cheer for those poor souls.

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    I agree with him i could see rampage, lyoto, or rashad beating jones. They all pose different, very real, threats to his game.

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    Make it four since we all know you are not capable of doing it...

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    im still surprised that some people still dont realise how great jones is and how great he will be !
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