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Thread: UFC 130 Struggling at Box Office, only 4,500 tickets sold

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sick_Lunatic View Post
    Good points dude, I totally agree.

    But with Stann, I see improvement out of this guy every time he fights. He's just getting better every time around, so within a year I think he could compete for the title or beat the top guys.

    And completely agree with Big Country. Allways rooting for the guy. I just want to see them put that UFC gold around that big belly. And the SF HW's won't really be crossing over any time soon, there's that whole tournament to play out (which may take another 2 years at the rate it's going). And only the tournament winner will walk in and be right at the top. I think everybody else will have to get through the UFC's up-and-coming HW's to get there (in which case, most of them won't).
    Guess I stand corrected on Rampage. I just saw him on TV saying that if Rampage wins, he gets a title shot.

    Not really that deserving, but it will help sell more tickets and help put Jon Jones over even more if he comes out and has another dominant performance.

    I am eager to see how Rampage fights...and if Rampage loses...or has a lackluster performance....then what?

    I am a little confused on how a lose to Rashad and a very close fight against Machida (Randy Couture thought Machida won).....and all he needs now is a win against Hamill to get a shot? DAMN...

    Oh well...since Dana said it, actually wait....let's wait and see what really happens. He is probably just trying to stir some more shit up for the media to get more asses in the seats in the MGM Grand and in living rooms across the world.

    (Saw Dana on CTV Sportsnet being interviewed by a random sports guy...can't find him saying the same thing anytime recently....I haven't hear him say that recently)
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