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Thread: What is YOUR greatest single moment in MMA history?

  1. Default What is YOUR greatest single moment in MMA history?

    It can be 1 sec of 1 fight or whatever you want it to be. You don't need to give an answer you think everyone wants to hear, remember this is YOUR greatest moment since you've been watching MMA. I'm at work right now watching The 100 Greatest Fights in UFC history and it came across this fight and it involves my greatest moment in MMA history.

    The moment lasts all of 25 seconds but for me, it has to be when Randy Couture dropped Tim Sylvia with that overhand right and rushed over and slammed him, then took his back. That sequence was just amazing. You couldn't hear Joe Rogan speak the crowd was so loud. I've never heard a crowd like that since. So yeah, might not be a popular pick, but for me that's gotta be it.
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    Hendo's flying hammer fist on a KTFO Bisping

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    The first fight between Pele and Macaco in vale tudo and after all the shit that goes on in the ring and how much they hate one another...Pele disrespects him by humping his head and it goes insane! That is true rivalry unlike the wwe style you get now in the UFC. In the rematch Pele wears an ear ring.....Macaco takes him straight down and rips it out ...crowd goes insane!

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    Great topic Sakara

    Randy dropping Timmah & his subsequent back mount is an all time great MMA feel good moment.

    For me its hard to pick between Gonzagas head kick KO of CroCo,heart in the mouth stuff,still can't believe that actually happened,talk about an unexpected end to a fight.
    It was an early morning PPV over here,I had to stifle a giant "yip" of excitement/surprise so as not to wake the missus.

    The other one that sticks out is Serras TKO of GSP,I was out of my seat screaming "FINISH HIM!" at my television,my best mates pre-pubescent son was staring at my with an absolute WTF expression on his face,I nearly came & pooped in my pants at the same time.
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    Favorite moment, in between the 2nd and 3rd rounds of Guida vs Huerta.

    Both men had given it all in the first two fast paced rounds, Clay dropped Roger near the end of the second, but it wasn't over yet.

    Right before Big John started the round, the camera shows the expressions of both men, and in a moment they both flash devilish smiles.
    I said, "Oh shit... it's on."

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    1st thing that popped in my head was Lyoto Machida knocking Rashad out silly & Winning the Belt.
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    no gay... but pat barry and cro cop hugging during their fight.. people always say mma is violent but really it's just healthy competition

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    Prob Pulver Finally breaking his 6 fight losing streak. I wanted to Cry ( don't judge me, LOL!), I was beginning to think he would never win a fight again.

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    There's ALOT of moments out there for me that stand out that Im sure someone will say soon enough.

    -Randy dropping Timmay (very close second)
    -St. Pierre TKOing Hughes
    -Shogun KOing Machida
    -St. Pierre amped at the end of round 4 in the second BJ fight
    -Wandy rape choke on Jardine

    The biggest moment for me so far in the sport has to be the entire Sonnen vs Silva fight. From start to finish I have never been so emeotionally involved in a fight. By the end of it I was actually exhausted hahaha. But what's so fucked about it is that I didn't even want Sonnen to win when it started, but me and my brother in just in awe of what we were watching we couldn't help but just scream at the TV! Of course its different watching it the second time around (as are most fights on an emotional level), but its just the feeling of watching a moment like that live is what makes MMA in my eyes the best sport on the planet.

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    After Hughes stopped Penn and he pointed to Dana White and said "I told you so."

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