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Thread: 15 Questions with The 'Reem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malevolence View Post
    Good interview,AO does come across as a well spoken,articulate guy.
    Strange that he refers to himself as the first mma fighter to win the K-1 GP when Semmy Schilt has won it four times,slight oversight on his behalf.
    Yes, slight to say the least... agee that schilt was more of a kickboxing guy first, mma second, but overeem also dabbled in kickboxing before he came into mma, but not to the extent that schilt did. If you want to see who was more successful across both sports its not even close.

    Werdum has dug his own grave. Been talking up his win over overeem since it happened, just like he did with fedor. He is going to get KTFO, he will be out for a while. Overeem isnt known for his tdd, but werdum has never had great takedowns. If he gets on top of overeem then yes he can sub him, I just see him getting ko'd by a kick, knee or punch. Damn it sucks to be him... Unless you have great standup or wrestling of your own, overeem is scary matchup.

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    He does seem pretty cool. Kind of helps that he busted out the Spiderman quote.

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    Interesting interview.

    The guy could never make a politician as he seems far to intelligent and honest! The way he answered a direct question with an answer relating to the subject was awesome lol

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