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Thread: Donald Brashear Signs 3 Year Fight Deal w/ RingSide MMA (Spoiler alert!)

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    Default Donald Brashear Signs 3 Year Fight Deal w/ RingSide MMA (Spoiler alert!)

    Former NHL Enforcer Donald Brashear Wins MMA Debut
    The 39-year-old earned a victory in his debut bout on Saturday night, needing just 21 seconds to defeat Mathieu Bergeron.

    Fighting as a southpaw, Brashear rocked Bergeron early with a left hand to the chin and looked to finish on the ground with a series of strikes from the top. Bergeron managed to briefly find a way back to his feet, but stumbled across the cage and Brashear followed him, landed several more punches and the referee called an end to the action.

    Brashear's debut came as the co-main event of the Ringside 11 event in Quebec. Bergeron was also fighting for the first time.

    Afterward, Brashear, who signed a three-fight deal with the promotion, said he would fight again.
    Former NHL Enforcer Donald Brashear Wins MMA Debut
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    Can't stand Brashear, never could...hated the way he fought in the NHL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DayneFS View Post
    Herschel VS Brashear?
    The Co-main event could be Shaq vs. Canseco. Dana set this up!
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