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Thread: Shogun Rua calls for UFC to permit stomps

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    Default Shogun Rua calls for UFC to permit stomps

    Shogun Rua calls for UFC to permit stomps
    Mauricio Shogun Rua has told ESPN that he believes stomps should be made legal in the UFC.

    Former Pride star Shogun has spent the majority of his career in competitions permitting stomps, and he is a huge advocate of that particular weapon.

    The UFC had to outlaw the technique in order to bring the sport of MMA into the mainstream, a move Rua completely understands as president Dana White continues to take the sport into new territories.

    However, the weekend's Strikeforce event saw fellow Brazilian Fabricio Werdum willingly hitting the mat in order to avoid a striking contest with Alistair Overeem, a tactic that may not have proved so tempting had stomps and soccer kicks still been permitted.

    "In Brazil MMA is ready for the UFC now," Shogun told ESPN. "Many people have seen the UFC, many people like MMA. It's very popular now, and after UFC 134 on August 27 it will change even more because people will see this big show.

    "I hope for a change in rules. The stomps... my opinion is elbows are more dangerous than stomps
    Mauricio Shogun Rua calls for UFC to permit stomps after Overeem v Werdum debacle | UFC News |

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    I'd like to see them, but very doubtful that it will happen as it is seen as a dangerous thing and contact sports always move in a more docile direction over time.

    He brings up a good point though about guys pulling a Werdum/Leites. Stomps were one of the many cool things about Pride.

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    Stomps & Yellow Cards. GO!
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    Stomps to the skull are an easy way to separate the brain stem/skull from the spine. The force of a human body coming down on someones head, followed by the reverse force of the mat on the back of their head could easily be deadly.

    Soccer kicks on the other hand I would be fine with.

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    I'm all for the yellow cards. I think if a fighter intentionally goes to the ground, that should count as a takedown for the other fighter. Even though he didn't touch him, he took him down with intimidation.

    And man I'm glad I missed the fight now! Kind of a puss move by Werdum. If you want someone on the ground, then put them there. If you can't put them there and you can't beat them standing up, throw in the towel, don't waste the fan's time.
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    As much as they are attractive to watch stomps will never be allowed in UFC. MMA would never be legalized in NY if stomps were allowed (at least not in the next 30-50 years).

    On the other hand I fully support yellow cards. I'm sure that will bring some activity to some of the fights.

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    I think going to the ground without attempting to bring your opponent with you should be treated the same as grabbing the fence. A warning and then a point deduction.

    Soccer kicks and head stomps probably wouldn't do a whole lot for bringing the UFC to the mainsteam, as many people see it as too barbaric.
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    Stomps to the head, if landed, can be a pretty serious health concern.
    Stomps to the body I'd be fine with.

    Soccer kicks to the face & head are always awesome to watch, but it just seems so damn brutal.
    I doubt those would pass just because of how malicious they look.

    Yellow Cards - I'm All For It.
    Werdum would've had so many of those in the AO fight.
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    he obviously doesnt know anything about american culture, and public relations and the fact hat so many people are such whiney pussies.

    stomps would make the sport look "barbaric" thus never happening in the ufc and shouldnt becuase it will give all the haters ammo to get it banned.

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    Hahaha, I'm all for them myself, but you know that would be the first thing someone would make a highlight video of in order to ban UFC everywhere. I did read that some people were thinking of having a Pride rules show somewhere in Canada. Who knows?

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