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I'm actually quite shocked by the comments of many posters here. You throw strikes to do damage. Plain and simple. If you can make your strikes do more damage, they will be more effective. I don't see any difference in punkassness between an elbow that cuts a guy vs a punch that breaks a nose or a punch that swells up an eye. In each case, the goal is to intentionally cause damage to the other fighter. Damaging someone's vision/stamina with cuts is on par with damaging his legs with legkicks. It's all part of strategy in a fight.
It's my opinion, you don't have to agree with it. I don't like the unified rules anyway, and I think that soccer kicks and stomps are better than elbows.

My main issue is scar tissue that can re-open and hamper a fighter in future bouts. Leg kicks don't do that.

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How come The Cro Cop/Schaub wasn't called a NC or Schaub being dq'd as the k.o blow was to the back of the head.
poor officiating.