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If not for Rorion Gracie, those guys you mentioned wouldn't be household names. If not for Rorion Gracie Zuffa wouldn't have known about the UFC. Like it or not, that's just the way it is but thanks for pointing out nothing.
You're right, if not for Rorion Gracie, which I had already pointed out, bud. Royce Gracie clearly over-shadows Rorion due to the fact that it was Royce whom ran through wannabe Karate Kids, Bar Brawlers, and African Bambatta(sp?), not Rorion, but it was Rorion's creation that paved the way for Royce. So without Rorion's creation, Royce would not be a household name, today. Also, Ken Shamrock would've still been an household name, don't kid yourself. And fyi, if not for Zuffa, Vince McMahon would be owning the rights to the UFC right about now. Believe that, friend.