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Thread: Memo To UFC Heavyweights **SPOILERS**

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    I really like Mitrione, but his takedown defense is horrible. Kimbo Slice took him down a few times, what does that tell you? I don't see him competing with a guy like Carwin at all.

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    Id love to see him fight Kongo. He doesnt have the skill that pat has but is a better size to take on kongo. Matt hits hard, but not sure he hits as hard as pat does. Morecraft was a fight that everyone thought he would win.

    Imagine how many hits he took in his football days as well. I wouldnt want to be him in 30 years

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    Only issue I see is that, IMO, there is a HUGE skill level gap in the HW division right now. Meathead can keep fighting guys like he has been and although he will get experience, he isn't necessarily fighting anybody better than his previous opponents.

    Once you get to the "names" in the HW division the skill level has shot up drastically. There will be no gradual progression for Meathead, one day he's going to go from fighting guys you may never see in the UFC again to guys everybody considers are too much for him right now. The HW Div. is trial by fire. I think Kongo is a good next fight, then onto Schaub, Nog, or somebody similar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rampage9712 View Post
    He takes too many shots to the chin. Even though he has a GREAT chin he gets hit too much by a far better striker with good speed and power, he will be stopped.

    Meathead is improving but he still keeps his hands too low for my liking, and yes he did take too many shots against Morecraft. A good striker will put him to sleep.

    Mitrione vs Kongo would be good, only because it will either force Matt to be more careful or he will get KO'd.
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